Green Eggs and Ham

Few children’s writers can rival Dr Seuss’s magical mastery of weaving a message into the seemingly ridiculous. Would you try a dish of green eggs and ham? Sam-I-Am is on a mission to persuade the other unnamed character in our story to taste this very delicacy, despite the repeated protest from his respondent that he won’t like it. Sam-I-Am’s persistence, in wacky rhymes and repetition, does eventually pay off however, and to the recipient’s surprise, he does actually quite enjoy it when he finally begins to tuck in. This book has something to say not only to young fussy eaters, but perhaps also to those of us who have lost the knack of trying new things for ourselves. Simple, colourful and full of the charm of Dr Seuss’ signature style, you’ll enjoy discovering how this book makes absolutely maximum use of its total of only fifty words.

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