Flour Babies

It’s time for the boys in Room 8 – the class of difficult cases and underachievers – to learn what their teacher Mr Cartright has in store for their science project. There isn’t a maggot farm or exploding custard tin in sight; more’s the pity. But what’s this – a six-pound bag of flour for each boy, to be cared for over the next three weeks as if it was a real live baby? Needless to say, not all of the flour babies make it (Robin Delaney drop-kicks his into the creek), but for Simon Martin it’s the beginning of his appreciating mum’s efforts in a new light, and confronting buried feelings about dad – who hasn’t stayed around. With extracts from Simon’s project journal charting his growing attachment to his flour baby, this is a refreshing tale that will encourage young readers to reflect on and explore their own feelings about family.

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