40 Bedroom Design Ideas to Improve Your Life

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Bedroom Design Ideas

Are you bored of your bedroom? Is it dreary and dull? We’ve got the solution. These 40 bedroom design ideas will help you improve your bedroom and transform your sleeping space into a haven of tranquillity and bedtime slumber. From colour guides to Feng Shui tips on furniture orientation, we delve into every possible aspect of bedroom design ideas for you to snooze and rest.

40 simple bedroom design ideas

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Whether you simply fancy a redesign or you’re moving house and trying to impress, these simple bedroom hacks will improve sleepiness, create extra space, and help you enjoy your bedroom just like you should.

Bedroom design ideas, colour & senses

The Melon Rule 

Decorations smaller than a cantaloupe can make your bedroom feel cluttered. Upsize or upcycle.

Bedroom Blues

A study by Travelodge found that Blue bedrooms can reduce blood pressure and slow heart rate, and led to people having the most sleep compared to other colours, unlike purple, which can stimulate the brain and hamper your sleep by up to 2 hours.

Shady Strategies

Pale shades reflect light, increasing space, while dark colours absorb light. Pick your shade depending on your need to increase/decrease the perceived size of your room. Just make sure it’s blue.

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Rug Rules:

  • Position it right

Design tradition states rugs should extend 18” around a king size bed & 12” around a double or twin. Align with the bottom 2/3 for a neat finish.

  • Add some length

Use a striped rug to make the seem longer than it is.

Feng Shui Mastery:

  • Make your bed accessible from each side.
  • Have two bedside tables
  • Avoid the bed being directly in line with the door

Sleepy Scents

Lavender isn’t the only sleep-inducing scent. Chamomile, bergamot, jasmine, rose or sandalwood can bring slumber, too.

DIY Pillow Mist

120ml water + 1/2tsp witch hazel + 4-5 drops essential oil + spray bottle  = sleepy spray!

Bedroom ideas to improve energy use and efficiency

That Warm, Ruggy Feeling

Rugs on wooden floors trap the cold air beneath the floorboards to help insulate the room in chilly months.

Sunlight is Free

Let as much sunlight in as possible during the day by keeping windows free of clutter and curtains. This can reduce heating bills across the whole house, not just the bedroom.

CFL Bulbs

Using Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs use roughly 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs.


Investing in a higher TOG or a dual-TOG duvet and some trusty PJs could save you a bunch on morning heating.

Suspended Solutions

Lack floor space for bedside tables? Install suspended shelves to save space, while keeping the surface.

Bedroom ideas to Improve Space

Magic Mirrors

Add a mirror to your feature wall to create the illusion of extra light & space.

Let The Light In

Keep windows open and don’t hold back on lighting to remove dark spots & bring the outside inside. Both increase a room’s perceived size.

Tower Up

Opt for floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, either fitted or freestanding, to create a grand & open feeling. Their shorter counterparts visually break up walls and ‘cut’ the space.

Ottoman Storage

Get yourself an ottoman bed to remove that cluttered under-bed mess.

Increase Bedroom Storage

Your Headboard Has Potential

Who says a headboard need just be that? Make it multi-functional with shelving for you alarms, lamps and books.


Every wardrobe and cupboard door is an organisational heaven in waiting.


Glue magnets to your wardrobe to hold your tweezers, combs, & other handy items.

Frugal Storage

For low-cost under-bed storage, use fruit & veg boxes from your local grocery store. They are sturdy & shallow and will remove that cluttered under-bed look.

Linen Purge

If you’re struggling for space to store linens, operate on a one in, one out rule. Bin or upcycle the old sheets.

Linen Inception

Fold & store your sheet, duvet cover and 1 pillow case inside the other matching pillow for linen-cupboard bliss.

Shoebox Wire-Tidy

Shoo away wire clutter by making a charging station by hiding plugs and power extension in a decorated shoebox.

Jewellery Portrait

You don’t need to hide your favourite jewellery. Display it in an old picture frame.

Trouser Hanger = Boot Hanger

Spice Rack = Nail Polish Organiser

Hidden Shelf

Use a curtain headboard to conceal your secret shelving!

Improve your health and happiness with these subtle bedroom changes

Open Windows Daily

Stale air doesn’t just store pollutants, it brings down your mood. Open the bedroom windows every day, even if only for 10 minutes.

Don’t Make Your Bed! (Straight away)

Leave your bed unmade for at least an hour to air your bedding out. It will reduce moisture & any dehydrate potential dust mites.

Snake Plants

The snake plant is one of the best indoor plants for improving air quality. It’s low maintenance and CO2 reducing.

Curtain Call

Try leaving your curtains open one night. Your serotonin will rise with the su40 Simple Bedroom Design Ideas To Improve Your Lifen, and you may find yourself an early bird. Plus, Richard Branson does it.

No-TV Zone

Put a straight ban on TV, smartphone and computer use in the bedroom. Aside from sleep-blocking blue light radiation, they reduce air quality and brings unwelcome everyday stress to your chill zone.

Close Every Door At Night

Make sure you close every door before you sleep to create the feeling of safety and calm. This includes the wardrobe doors, en-suite door and bedroom door.

Flat Pillow?

Expose your coverless pillow to sunlight for 30 minutes to remove residual moisture. It will plump back up!

Night Sweats?

If you get uncomfortable or sweat overnight, look to your bed linens. A switch to 100% luxury Egyptian cotton sheets and a natural wool-containing mattress such as Flaxby. They could improve your nights.

Dual-Wield Alarms

Set a quiet alarm before you need to get up, and a loud alarm for the latest time in the far corner of the room. You’ll wake up naturally on the first, and know you’ll need to get up to prevent the noisy one.

Keep A Journal By Your Bed

Remove the daily thoughts from your mind by jotting them down before bed and your worries go to sleep with you.

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