Most fitness enthusiasts wax lyrical about how exercising helps their sleep. But how much science is there behind the statement? Join Dr. Pixie Mckenna, our resident sleep expert who dives into all things exercise and sleep with Rob Deering and Laura Williams.

Williams, a personal trainer and writer for NetDoctor, brings the expert viewpoint while Deering, comedian and host of a running podcast, adds his experiences of how exercise affects sleep.  Expect plenty of chatter around the best times to exercise for sleep, how exercise is closely linked to mental health, the importance of winding down and plenty more.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

  • The best exercises to promote sleep
  • The ideal times to complete your fitness routine
  • How to get sleep the night before a marathon
  • The links between exercise and mental health
  • The importance of wind-down time
  • How diet is key for both exercise and sleep
  • How high-intensity activity can prevent sleep

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