What Is Cuffing and How Do Cuddling Services Fit In?

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By Leigh Horan

T’is the season to be . . . well, cuddled apparently, according to the trends surrounding such things as ‘cuffing’, and cuddling services, that have sprung up in order to satisfy those that feel they’re lacking some comforting human touch. As winter rolls in and we prepare ourselves for the inevitable dark and cold nights ahead of us, it appears that many are particularly forward thinking when it comes to how they plan to spend those chilly evenings.

What is cuffing season?

In the summer it’s easy to experience the sensation of freedom that comes with long balmy evenings, spent in overflowing beer gardens and picnicking in local parks. This becomes much more difficult in winter, with the inclement weather forcing us to find ways to entertain ourselves indoors. This makes social events few and far between, and increases any pre-existing reluctance to stay inside, binging hours of Netflix and definitely not meeting anyone new.

Image of couple cuddling in cosy bed

This seasonal hermit-hood is what has encouraged the phenomenon of so-called ‘cuffing’, which is the method of finding a companion to last you through autumn/winter. The essence of this relationship is to spend time with someone who’s company you find enjoyable, but who you don’t really see as a long-term partner. Essentially, cuffing is particularly popular with those people who enjoy their freedom for the rest of the year, or who typically shy away from commitment. As Global Matchmaker’s Sarah Ryan says;

‘Cuffing starts in the first week of September as singles think about the last quarter of the year, what they have achieved professionally and more importantly personally. September brings about that ‘back to school’ mentality where we give ourselves a seasonal review and a self-check of the new years resolutions that we set ourselves back in January and it almost seems like panic stations; especially when it comes to looking at one’s single relationship status. . . As soon as the seasons start to change and the colder days begin to set in our enquiries for matchmaking soar by about 60%’

The benefits of cuffing

Even though the idea of cuffing may seem a little cold, it’s a very helpful way to bypass all the issues that come up during the seasonal activities occurring throughout Autumn and Winter. For example, there’s no need to worry about finding someone to accompany you to parties occurring in the run-up to Christmas, or about who you’ll be kissing both under the mistletoe and at the finale of the New Year countdown. Finding a cuffing partner will also help you to bypass awkward questions from intrusive family members about your lack of a partner, as well as meaning you have a veritable human hot water bottle for the festive period.

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The major benefit of cuffing, it seems, is having someone to cuddle as the mercury dips into the minuses. This is someone who will accommodate your desires to be the big or the little spoon, to watch hours of excellent television with, and who will keep your bed extra warm (possibly saving you extra zeroes on your heating bill). Though it’s not a particularly romantic concept, there’s no denying that cuffing season lays the typical foundations for a long-term relationship, and there’s no reason why it can’t develop and grow, provided that that is what you both want. If not, make sure you’re both aware that these sleepovers are temporary only.

When cuffing fails

But what happens to those souls who fail in their pursuit to find the ideal cuffing partner? Well, traditionally we would resign ourselves to singledom, heading home at Christmas to cling onto the family dog for comfort.

Image of man cuddling dog

However, apparently if we now fail to win the cuffing game we can, instead, pay for the pleasure of enjoying long cuddling sessions in front of our favourite Christmas films. This, it appears, is where cuddling services come in. Cuddling services are perfect for those individuals who only require a bit of comfort with no strings attached, and who are more than happy to pay for the pleasure.

What do cuddling services do?

If you’ve ever felt as if you’re wading through a never ending flood of completely unsuitable suitors, then cuddling services may have piqued your interest. These companies can provide that human touch that is so important to us all. In fact, being able to touch and embrace another human being should not be underestimated. Daniel Keltner, professor of psychology at the University of California, says:

‘A wave of studies has documented some incredible emotional and physical health benefits that come from touch. This research is suggesting that touch is truly fundamental to human connection, bonding, and health.’

And research from the University of North Carolina concluded that hugs ‘strengthen the immune system’. In fact, human contact is important for our continued development, can help to cement friendly ties and encourages confidence. Granted, these reasons may not be why people turn to cuddling services to stave off winter loneliness, but it indicates just how important cuddling can be. Especially, when the winter blues are taken into account.

These cuddling services can help to provide a safe environment for someone otherwise unable to find platonic physical contact, and though they may not be for everybody, they do have their benefits. So, if you’re looking for something other than hanging on to that novelty teddy for comfort, then maybe cuffing or cuddling services are the answers you’ve been looking for.

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