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Welcome to the Sleep Matters podcast from Dreams – a sleep podcast which gives you everything you need to know about how to get a great night’s sleep and why it matters so much.

Hosted by our sleep expert Dr Pixie McKenna, our sleep podcast dives into common sleep problems, queries and discussion points and answers your questions with the help of some excellent guests.

Even the best podcasts to help you sleep are only a short-term fix. They don’t actually identify the key reason why you’re struggling to sleep in the first place.

The Sleep Matters Podcast looks at a variety of bedtime issues such as insomnia, nightly routines, diet, the best sleep podcasts and much more, to provide you with insights, recommendations and expert opinion to help you drift off to sleep night after night.

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Sleep Podcasts

Is Your Daily Routine Harming Your Sleep?

In the first episode of the Sleep Matters Podcast, Dr Pixie McKenna and guests Issy Panayis & Kevin Morgan discuss the importance of a good sleep routine.

How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

Dr Pixie McKenna talks to Dave Berry, breakfast radio presenter and Maryanne Taylor, a qualified sleep consultant about how to help your child sleep better.

How Can You Sleep When You’re Stressed?

Dr Pixie McKenna talks to Professor Marc Jones from Manchester Metropolitan University who is an expert in stress and emotion, and Graham Allcott, an expert on how to be more productive.

How Long Does Insomnia Last?

Dr Pixie McKenna is joined in this insomnia podcast by broadcaster Matt Johnson who is also an ambassador for mental health charity Mind and has suffered from insomnia and founder of The Insomnia Clinic, Kathryn Pinkham.

Does Eating Late Keep You Awake?

Dr Pixie McKenna chats to award-winning nutritional therapist Christine Bailey and expert in nutritional medicine, Alan Flanagan about how nutrition can help or hinder a good night’s sleep.

How To Beat Jet Lag

Dr Pixie talks to travel expert Simon Calder and travel health expert Dr Richard Dawood about how to beat jet lag and enjoy your holiday.

Can Bedroom Design Help You Sleep Better?

Can your bedroom design help you to sleep better? In this podcast, Dr Pixie talks to interior designer Dee Campling and physiotherapist Sammy Margo.

Does Alcohol Affect How We Sleep?

Discover the effects of drinking alcohol before bedtime. Dr Pixie Mckenna and Dr. Sara McNeillis are in conversation with Clare McCarten, who reflects on her ability to sleep after giving up alcohol.

What's Expected With Bedroom Etiquette?

In this episode of the Sleep Matters Podcast, Dr. Pixie Mckenna talks to leading etiquette authority William Hanson, and relationship expert Louise Scodie, about bedroom etiquette. Expect a fun and lively debate around the right approach to sleep with your partner or in somebody else's house.

Will Exercising Help Me Sleep?

In today's sleep podcast, join Dr. Pixie Mckenna, our resident sleep expert who dives into all things exercise and sleep with Rob Deering and Laura Williams. Expect conversations around the best exercises before bed, when to complete high intensity activity and how exercise is closely linked to both sleep and mental health.

Can Technology Help Me Sleep?

Join Dr. Pixie Mckenna, our resident sleep expert as she chats with Jack Rear, technology journalist, about what sleep tech is available and its benefits. In this episode, things take a slightly different turn too! We invite Gary Lancaster to join the conversation. A self-confessed bad sleeper, Gary brings the real-world to the conversation.

How Can I Stop Snoring?

With 45% of adults snoring at least occasionally, it’s absolutely a problem that needs to be tackled. Leave the old wives’ tales to one side and join Dr. Pixie Mckenna in this sleep podcast as she goes through the ins-and-outs of snoring with her expert panel.

Does Winter Affect Our Sleep?

In this sleep podcast episode, Dr. Pixie Mckenna speaks with Dr. Khaled Sadek, a GP with a long history of research into sleep health. Also joining the panel is Caroline McMenamin, a mental health therapist who suffers with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

What is Sleep Paralysis?

In this episode of Sleep Matters, Dr. Pixie Mckenna she chats with Jessica Barratt, a journalist who has suffered from sleep paralysis for 21 years. Also joining the conversation is Hope Bastine, a sleep psychologist with a specific interest in the condition.

What Do Our Dreams Mean?

In this sleep podcast episode, Dr Pixie Mckenna is joined by Dr Neil Stanley who has studied dreams for 37 years and Rose Gallagher, a beauty blogger and makeup artist to discuss why we dream, what they mean, and what affects them.

How To Sleep During Pregnancy: Podcast

Like many things, sleep becomes more difficult when pregnant and as a new parent. Join Dr. Pixie Mckenna and her expert panel as they discuss how you can improve your sleep during and after pregnancy.

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