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Bedtime stories are incredibly important for the mental development of young children. To help parents get all the information they need, we’ve built an online platform filled with articles covering everything from the importance of bedtime stories, to top book editors and world-class authors giving tips on how to make bedtime reading more fun. Here, you will also find our new tool, the Bedtime Story Finder, so you’ll never be out of story ideas for your children!

The Bedtime Story Finder

UNESCO says that reading for pleasure is the single most important thing that will make a child successful in life, so The Sleep Matters Club teamed up with The Reader to make sure you’re never lost for choice on new bedtime stories!

Select the categories you care most about to find the best picks for you, from our list of 150 brilliant bedtime reads.

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Michael Rosen Explains His Views On Why Bedtime Stories Matter

One of the nation's favourite children's writers talks about the importance of bedtime stories, and how, through offering children way to explore what really matters to us through the perspectives of others.

The History Of That Monster Who Lives Under Your Bed

Fears of monsters in the night are sometimes bedtime stories we wish our children didn't pay attention to. Where do these worries come from, and who created the monster who lives under your bed? Warning: Bogeymen afoot.

3 Reasons Why Bedtime Reading Is So Important For Your Child

If you thought that bedtime stories were nothing more than a thing to calm your child down for the evening, think again. This time is essential to the mental development of your child, especially around their emotional understanding.

There are a number of techniques you can use when reading to your child at night that will enhance the learning experience, for you and them. Here are some different reading techniques that could help you spark your child's love of reading, and make you feel like the best parent in the world.

Children's Bedroom Brochure 2016

Bring the story to your child's room with the latest range of children's bedroom trends. There are themed bedrooms for younger children, and more subtle styles for the older ones, and all will help transport them into far-away worlds during their much-loved bedtime story time.

What Do Publishers Look For In Bedtime Stories?

Fancy yourself the next Julia Donaldson? When it comes to writing children's books, the first step is to read them, but beyond that, what are publishers looking for in stories right now? We asked Emma Drage, Senior Children's Editor at Scholastic, for some prize advice for budding bedtime story writers. Here's what she said.

Top Children's Authors Share Their Favourite Bedtime Stories

We asked Pat Hatt, Jenny Colgan, Andy Griffiths, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Marc Clark to share their favourite bedtime stories when they were children. From Dr Seuss to The Lord of The Rings - see which bedtime stories propelled these famous writers into a career of storytelling.

16 Brilliant Bedtime Stories For Babies

Are you looking for bedtime stories for babies? We've collected some of the best and most popular baby books on the Bedtime Story Finder.

10 Great Adventure Books to Explore at Bedtime

We've collated some of the very best adventure stories for kids to help you provide exciting reads at bedtime.

14 Perfect Bedtime Reads For Upper Primary School Children

For those looking for primary resources, we provide a list of books that are perfect for upper primary years. To keep your child reading and stimulated their imagination!

7 Stories For Silly Voices and Excited Shouts

For those wanting to add a pinch of fun to bedtime story telling, try these books that are perfect for putting on silly voices to enhance your child's stories.

6 Spooky Stories For A Scary Night’s Read

Sometimes we can do with a scary story at bedtime, here we've collated some of our favourite children's stories that have a spooky twist.

6 Bedtime Stories About The Wonders of Space and Science

Many children love space and science, we've put together a collection of our favourite bedtime stories that are set out of this world.

11 Excellent Early Years Bedtime Stories That Any Child Will Enjoy

Bedtime stories for early years are very important for young children's development, so we've compiled this list of night time tales to enthrall your young one's evening.

3 Bedtime Stories With Words That Charm

Words can have a wonderful effect on a young mind and introduce children to the wonderful world of literacy, check out our list of charmingly worded books perfect for bedtime reading.

6 Rhyming Stories To Send Your Child To Sleep

Poetry is an invaluable tool for helping a child's development, enjoy these rhyming bedtime stories to help make bedtime a magical experience.

6 Beautiful Bedtime Books with Enchanting Illustrations

There's nothing quite a book full of pictures to delight a young mind, you never know if you have a young artist in the making! Check out these wonderfully illustrated bedtime stories from the Bedtime Story Finder.

11 Read a Chapter a Day Book Suggestions

Sometimes it is best to approach a book one chapter at a time, to prolong the reading experience, and allow your child to enjoy the story over a long period, we've put together these titles that perfect match the bill.

11 Superb Bedtime Stories About Animals And Imaginary Creatures

These can be some of the most wonderfully imaginative adventures for your child, reading about talking animals, dragons and imaginary creatures to give your young one a truly memorable bedtime story.

9 Fantastically Funny Stories for Bedtime Laughter

Nothing brings more happiness to a good bedtime story like a barrel full of laughter, and that's what we aim to provide with this list of funny stories for your child's night time story time.

7 Magical Books to Spellbind Your Child To Sleep

Enjoy these books from the Bedtime Story Finder to enhance your child's night time reading and introduce them to the wonderful world of magic.

16 Brilliant Books for Key Stage 1 and Early Primary School

For those with children who have just started at primary school, we've put together this resource of stories to boost their reading level and open their minds to the wonderful world of literacy.

We all love a book with a message, here we provide a list of bedtime stories to help children learn from what they read.

6 Bedtime Stories For Any Age

All children love a good bedtime story, we've collected night time reads that will suit any age.