If you or your partner snore, you’ll no doubt know what a pest it can be. Whether you’re the one tired and wide awake come morning, or the one facing the wrath of a partner, snoring does no good for anyone involved. And with 45% of adults snoring at least occasionally, it’s absolutely a problem that needs to be tackled. Leave the old wives’ tales to one side and join Dr. Pixie Mckenna as she goes through the ins-and-outs of snoring with her expert panel.

Pixie chats the causes of snoring and prevention techniques with Mike Dilkes, a leading ENT laser surgeon. Also on the guest panel, are Sophie and Dorian Trott, a couple who know all there is to know about the trials and tribulations of snoring. Ever since pregnancy, Sophie has been a snorer. Dorian, on the other hand, has been tired. They add to the conversation with their experiences of snoring, techniques they’ve tried, and whether their next step is to consider surgery.

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What’s covered in this podcast?

  • Techniques to help reduce snoring
  • Facial exercises to help prevent snoring
  • More serious, medical steps you can take to combat snoring
  • Most common causes of snoring
  • Hormones and snoring – how pregnancy can trigger snoring
  • How it’s now widely accepted that women snore as much as men
  • What it’s like to share a bed with a snorer

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