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By Anna Ashbarry

With ASMR sleep videos going viral around the globe, we explore what ASMR is, why it gives us those feel-good goosebumps and why it can help us fall asleep quickly.

ASMR Meaning

The definition of ASMR is as follows:

a tingling feeling in the scalp and down the back of the neck which is experienced by some people in response to a particular sound.

What is ASMR?

ASMR, also known as an autonomous sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that some people experience in response to certain sounds. Most people experience this static-like feeling on their scalp, on the back of their neck and in the top of their spine. Triggers of ASMR often come from sounds like paper tearing or gentle whispering. ASMR is a personal thing and a trigger that may be pleasant for one person may not be for another. There are plenty of ASMR sounds to explore to work out what triggers you, take a look at the top 50 ASMR triggers here:

YouTuber ASMR Magic shares 50+ Triggers over 3 hours.


Can everyone experience ASMR?

There are a huge variety of ASMR triggers and not all of them work on everyone. This means you may not have experienced ASMR yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever. There’s only one way to find out if you can experience ASMR and what your triggers are – to sit down and experience unique and interesting ASMR sounds and discover if you feel any of those tingling, fuzzy sensations. However, many people raise the question that some of us may never feel ASMR at all.

ASMR and sleep

It is thought that ASMR videos may help you sleep. Often linked to hypnosis, it’s believed to create a deep state of relaxation. Techniques such as scalp massage, soothing noises and methodical work like towel folding, often cause people to experience ASMR. Many people find this sensation deeply relaxing and soothing. As ASMR has also been linked to mindfulness and meditation, it has helped some people overcome sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Is ASMR healthy?

ASMR is quite a new and recent phenomenon which is taking the world by storm. Therefore, studies and research on ASMR and its impact on health are still to be addressed. However early research has found that ASMR can help you sleep better with other benefits including a reduction of stress, an improvement in mood and even pain relief.

Why is ASMR so popular?

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people struggle with mild insomnia. With so many of us struggling to sleep each night it’s no wonder that we’re scouring the web for solutions. But this may not be the only reason. We spoke to Dr Carole Leiberman M.D., Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author who believes that ASMR is more linked to sex than sleep. She says “ASMR may well help some people relax or fall asleep, but it is a hoax. It’s really about orgasms – not some mysterious, unknown neurophysiological reaction to whispers and other sounds. The people who are making money from it try to convince viewers that it is not sexual, but this is a lie. That tingly feeling may be located around the head and neck, instead of (or in addition to) the genitals, but it is a displacement upward of an orgasm. Plain and simple.”

So, with ASMR being relatively newly discovered, it’s still very much under debate. There are many online communities that have been discussing ASMR since 2010 and although there is little research which supports the theory that ASMR can help people relax, there are thousands of people that use ASMR sounds to help them sleep. A 2015 study showed that a huge 98% of participants ‘agreed’ and ‘strongly agreed’ that they had sought out ASMR to help them relax.

How to experience ASMR

The most popular way to experience ASMR is by sitting in a quiet, relaxing environment, turning on YouTube and experiencing the sights and sounds ASMR YouTubers have to offer.

Some popular ASMR videos:


1. ASMR Sleep Session – 100 Triggers For Sleep, Relaxation & Study

A 3-hour video full of 100 ASMR triggers. Stacy ASMR has created this video with no talking in order to enjoy the sounds for longer and encourage you to fall asleep.


2. ASMR Sleep Healing, No Talking, Sleep Triggers

Relaxing sleep triggers to soothe, calm and distract you from daily worries and stress. ASMR sounds to allow you to relax and not get distracted.


3. ASMR Sleep Hypnosis & Treats for Sleep

YouTuber itsblitzzz offers 39 minutes of light hypnotherapy which will allow you to drift into a more relaxed state.


4. ASMR Sleep for You

A 3-hour video exploring a variety of ASMR sounds such as tapping, scratching, rustling and crackling.


5. ASMR Goodnight

YouTuber ASMR Darling shares eight triggers to help you sleep.


6. Sleep in 20 Minutes – Intense Relaxation

This intensely relaxing ASMR video shared by Tingting ASMR allows you to enjoy sounds such as whispers, tapping, scratching and more.


7. ASMR Deep and Bassy Sounds to Help You Sleep

YouTuber ASMR Bakery shares deep and slow taps and scratches to help you fall asleep.


8. Sleep in 25 Minutes – Intense Relaxation

An intense sleep trigger ASMR video with a variety of ASMR sounds to make you sleepy.


9. The ASMR Sleep Treatment – Personal Attention

A 52-minute video including soft triggers such as feathers, mic scratching and gentle talking.


Not a fan of YouTube? You can also find soothing ASMR sounds on Spotify.


So, who is bringing these ASMR trigger videos to millions of viewers all around the world?

Here are some popular ASMR Artists and YouTubers:

1. ASMR Darling – Since 2014, ASMR Darling has gained 2.44 million subscribers and over 400 million total video views.

2. Gibi ASMR – With now over 2.34 million subscribers, Gibi first started her channel three years ago and has since released hundreds of videos.

3. Maria Viktorovna (GentleWhispering) – Boasting over 1.78 million subscribers, Maria is 33 years old and lives in America producing ASMR videos on her YouTube channel.

4. Frivolous Fox ASMR – With a whopping 1.3 million subscribers, Lauren found her passion for ASMR back in 2016 and now has a huge community of followers.

5. Whispers Red ASMR – Emma Smith is a YouTuber from London and hosts a YouTube channel with over 840,000 subscribers.

6. Ephemeral Rift – Having been on YouTube since 2011, Ephemeral Rift has 730,000 subscribers and thousands of videos including triggers such as ASMR solitaire and food.

7. Olivia Kissper ASMR – Olivia has a background in psychology and has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

8. Springbok ASMR – Spring creates videos to help relax, comfort and nurture her 158,000 plus subscribers.

9. Claire Tolan – With over 13,000 subscribers, ASMR Claire offers a wide variety of videos including strategies like role play and personality tests.

10. Pelagea ASMR – Pelagea has only been on YouTube for around 6 months and has already racked up over 2.22K YouTube subscribers and over 33K views.

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