With a change of season comes a change to sleep routines. From struggling to get up in the morning to issues with keeping a bedtime routine, winter can cause havoc with our sleep pattern. Add in a busy festive period and less sunshine to tire ourselves outdoors and the problem can manifest into something more serious.

In this episode of the Sleep Matters Podcast by Dreams, Dr. Pixie Mckenna speaks with Dr. Khaled Sadek, a GP with a long history of research into sleep health. Also joining the panel is Caroline McMenamin, a mental health therapist who suffers with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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What’s covered in this podcast?

  • How our sleep changes in winter
  • How to manage your sleep routine over winter
  • How to reduce tiredness
  • The relationship between sleep and mental health
  • How to avoid fatigue over the festive season

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