The 2016 Sleep Survey

How does the nation sleep?

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We Surveyed 15,000 People

The 2016 UK Sleep Survey

Ever wondered whether your sleeping habits are normal? How the North sleeps compared to the South? Dreams have conducted a sleep survey of over 15,000 UK Adults to determine how the nation sleeps. We present the most interesting results from the survey.

Sleep Survey


First up, here’s a breakdown of respondents to the survey by geographical area.

2/3 of the respondents are female. The age split has a slight weighting to 55+, compensated by a lower-than-average group of 18-24s.


Sleep Survey


On average, UK residents spend 5 hours 5 minutes a week in bed either watching TV, watching a DVD/Film or working.

This average is stretched by the anomaly of people from the capital who spend 7 hours 43 minutes a week on these activities, a whole 2 hours 57 minutes more than the rest of the UK average (4 hours 45 minutes).

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Activities in Bed

We asked everyone how long they spent on each of a range of activities, grouping the results into activities using blue light and activities which don’t.

Blue light activities consist of using devices which emit blue light, for example a laptop, tablet, phone or TV. We can see that users spend on average 37 minutes 19 seconds more on blue light device activities a week than they do on non-blue light device in-bed activities.

  1. Watching TV | 62 mins 14 secs
  2. Reading a book | 54 mins 30 secs
  3. Browsing the web | 42 mins 59 secs
  4. Looking at social media | 38 mins 38 secs
  5. Talking to your partner | 36 mins 2 secs


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Reasons for struggling to sleep


Quality of Sleep

Sleep Survey


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