Maximalist bedrooms: 5 ways to get the look

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Last Modified 21 September 2023 First Added 17 November 2022

Photo: David A Land

Bold, kitschy and eclectic – maximalism is an interior design style that’ll make any space pop with fun and vibrancy.

For many years top designers have preached “less is more” and favoured minimalist design, especially for the bedroom. While it has its charm, the rise of maximalism has got everyone excited. It’s bright, quirky and can be entirely your own – we love it!

The bedroom, with its emphasis on self-expression, is the ideal place to go all-in on maximalism. With an abundance of choices and so much to consider with this eclectic trend, where do you start?

More is more: what is maximalism, anyway?

It’s all about designing for joy and opening a home to bold colours.

Maximalism is not a new trend. In fact, it was first introduced in the 1980s by a new wave of bold designs from the Memphis Group. It has since evolved into a philosophy all of its own. The bright block colours are blended with prints, plants, and other organic elements that are layered on top of each other. It is a style that focuses on expressing your individuality by allowing you to freely and heavily express your choice in colours, themes, and possessions in a space.

The key design elements:

  • Unique shapes – highlighted in furniture and architecture
  • Layering of patterns and colours – helping to unite the different palettes and elements
  • Bright and bold colours
  • High-impact areas that catch the eye such as large light features and poster beds
  • Plenty of decorative pieces – include plants, vases, and bookcases to tie your room together

Controlled chaos runs throughout maximalism – there’s a lot at play, but it all works together. Each colour and accessory you introduce adds to the enjoyment of the room. It isn’t just a bunch of clutter and clashing colours, there’s method to the madness!

Does it work with other design styles?

Short answer? Yes! Maximalism works wonders with many styles. One of the common crossovers is with Boho, where green and darker hues, alongside natural elements, give a free-spirited look and feel.

This isn’t the only style you can blend in. Whether you’re a lover of traditionalist design, a fiend for the industrial look or want a coastal touch, maximalism works wonders with so many other design movements. Once you know how to create that look, it gives you the grounds to bend the rules and form your own unique take.

How to get the maximalist look

Stick to these 5 tips, and you’ll be on your way to a gorgeous bedroom full of life, colour, and quirkiness.

TheraPur® Rowan Headboard


TheraPur® Rowan Headboard

Prints and patterns galore

Embrace the power of patterns and prints – choose complementary patterns to give your room an ornamental feel.

Prints and patterns have made a big comeback in recent years, whether through bright and colourful wallpaper or feature furniture pieces.

Animal prints make a fabulous addition to a maximalist bedroom. Think animal print wallpaper, cushions and the TheraPur® Rowan Headboard. Whether you go for striped zebra print or leopard spots, they’ll work wonderfully to achieve the creative look you’re after.

Don’t stop with just one pattern, though. In your space, you’ll want to layer multiple patterns to add complexity and punch. Combine stripes with zebra print, or bright florals with leopard spots.

A dark wooden ottoman bed frame with a slatted headboard, styled in a deep blue room with botanical accents.
Lodge Platform Ottoman Bed Frame


Lodge Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

Bold and bright with high contrast

Don’t shy away from daring colour palettes in your bedroom. Make a statement with a passionate red, fiery orange, and deep blue.

Bring colour to your space with patterned wallpaper or deep hues, contrasted with soft natural elements like plants. Next, add a wood-toned bed frame to perfectly balance out your space such as the Lodge Bed Frame.

Adding bright-coloured trims and accents is another way to bring a high-contrast feel into your bedroom. You can also use feng shui to help balance bright tones with a calming flow, adding another design philosophy to the mix!

Holmes Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame


Holmes Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame

Mix the old with the new

Vintage items can make amazing statement pieces. Give them a new lease on life in your maximalist bedroom.

It’s time to hunt for beautifully aged furniture and wonderful vintage prints. Maximalism allows you to show them all off.

Combining a new bed with rustic older pieces of furniture is a classic way to get the look. Look for a bed that stands out on its own, like the Holmes Velvet-Finish Bed Frame, and work your vintage pieces alongside it. Then it’s time to accessorise! Fake taxidermy, bold artistic canvases, and unique ornaments that clash – bring them all into your bedroom.

Wooden parquet-inspired bed frame, styled against a deep green wall with floating shelves.
Paxton Wooden Bed Frame


Paxton Wooden Bed Frame
Paxton Wooden Bedside Table


Paxton Wooden Bedside Table

Art and gallery walls

So much art, so little time. Let it cover your walls and fill your room with joy.

Art of all different shapes and sizes can work together in maximalism – there are no rules.

Choose pieces of similar tones and contrast them against your wall colours. You can even build a gallery wall, full of exciting photos and artwork. We love wood frames around bold floral artwork, oil prints, and art structures, they’ll add a fun dimension to your bedroom. To add to the look, introduce plants – and lots of them!

Grey velvet-touch TV bed with fluted headboard, styled in a bedroom with wall panelling and statement wallpaper.
Yokohama Velvet-Finish Ottoman Dolby Atmos TV Bed Frame


Yokohama Velvet-Finish Ottoman Dolby Atmos TV Bed Frame

Don’t forget the comfort

Enveloping spaces lead to cosy vibes.

One of the best things about maximalist design, with all the patterns and layered decorations, is that it naturally creates a cocoon-like feel. Whether it’s a huge master bedroom filled with gallery walls or a small space that’s wallpapered with bright florals, these elements come together to build comfort.

So, while you’re looking for wallpapers and artwork, don’t forget to invest in some good bedding and pillows. Adding lots of pillows, whether you’re opting for the Silentnight Super Springy Pillow or a treasure trove of upcycled cushions, not only adds texture but also extra cosiness as you sleep and relax.

Remember, a bedroom isn’t just where you sleep. It’s a space where you hang out with friends and family, watch boxsets and movies, play games, and so much more. It should be a space that works for you in all aspects of life. The maximalist design invites the world into your room on your terms, so embrace it wholeheartedly and enjoy the journey!

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