Industrial bedroom design: tips for your master suite

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What defines the industrial style?

Inspired by materials found in factories and warehouses, the industrial design turns away from opulence and luxury in favour of a raw and pared-back style.

Popularised by the rise in loft living and city apartments, this trend is all about emphasizing architectural detailing and original features in spaces which aren’t typically associated with home life.

Unless you’re used to city living, it can be challenging to find properties that have retained these features, but don’t worry – even if your home is a new build, there are plenty of ways to accessorise for true industrial glamour. If you can’t fake built-in features, some new furniture pieces may do the trick.

Ultimately, it’s all about balance and harmony, making considered choices with textures, prints and colours. There’s a bold edge to a factory-chic finish, so pairing beautiful pieces can add an important element of softness. Find out more about creating balance in your dream bedroom below.

Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas:

There’s a lot more to designing your loft-style bedroom than just having an industrial-style bed.

You can use your room’s layout and décor to achieve a cosy yet factory-styled look. We’ve collated some of our favourite ideas and advice below:

1. Industrial colour palettes

Industrial bedrooms are all about the contrast between old rustic tones and new modern décor. Play with shades of the same colourway to maximise variety within your bedroom.

Combining neutral and rustic tones of wood, brick, metal, and other materials with bold wall colours helps create dimension and depth.

Though the colour palette is generally neutral, it’s easy to inject colour into an industrial bedroom design with plenty of room for personalisation, particularly if you’re a fan of bold contrasts.

Industrial designs usually utilise neutral and earth tones to bring those warehouse vibes. For example, shades of tan and beige work well with brass-toned bed frames and accessories. For a bit of pop, adding tones such as blues and greens can help bring colour to most industrial bedroom colour ideas. Go one step further and add charcoal bedding for maximum drama.

Tip: Find balance between rough finishes and a refined feel by layering colours, shades, and tones on top of each other to create complex yet harmonious styling with minimum fuss. It can help to focus on 2-3 key colours and then explore their varying tones to add complexity without busyness.

2. Exposed walls, wall art, and wallpaper

You can also bring your colour palette to life and achieve contrast with wall art and wallpaper.

Don’t leave texture to the throws – it’s easy to add a welcome pop of colour to the walls. An exposed brick wall painted white can bring a well-needed sense of lightness to a dark space. This is particularly important if you’re revamping a small room with limited light.

If your bedroom wall doesn’t have exposed brick, you can always use vintage wallpaper styles to replicate the effect. Pair this with colourful artwork and décor pieces or with simple and chic monochromes. The latter adds a clean, sophisticated feel to your sleep space.

Tip: You can also use furniture to add colour – and it doesn’t have to be bold. Check out our Abbey Metal Bedframe, which perfectly blends the tranquillity of pale grey and curved corners against edgy, industrial-style in the headboard and foot end.

Abbey Metal Bed Frame


Abbey Metal Bed Frame

3. Pipes and beams

Another mainstay of industrial décor is exposed beams and piping.

They emphasize the raw, architectural detailing of your bedroom and really create that loft-living, New York feel. However, you don’t necessarily need exposed piping to create the same atmosphere. There are plenty of shelving units, furniture, or décor made from pipes or wood materials. This small touch of rawness can be all you need to turn a bland space into a factory-chic haven.

Tip: Don’t forget, velvets, leathers, and silks can be paired against metals and exposed brick to create an atmosphere of laid-back opulence. Take our Addison Metal Bed Frame, for example. The sumptuously upholstered headboard is lined with a subtle gold frame to give your bedroom industrial drama and relaxing warmth in equal measure.


4. DIY and vintage

Create an authentic industrial bedroom through DIY, vintage, or even recycled materials.

You can find reclaimed, salvaged goods or even weathered décor to incorporate into your room. Statement accessories such as lamps, books, art and trinkets can add a touch of chic to your shelves.

You can even customise your own décor with treasures that you uncover. Upcycling vintage and aged materials adds an authentic industrial feel to your bedroom, without the hefty price tag. So, next time you are shopping second-hand or in thrift shops, don’t be afraid to repurpose the old.

Tip: Balancing refined styles with shabby chic secondhand finds can create a sense of harmony. This contrast undercuts any harsh finishes from the industrial look and adds a sense of warmth to the room.

Centre-stage bed frames for chic loft living

Black wooden and rattan bed frame, styled with matching bedside tables in a white bedroom.


Contrast is a key feature of industrial interiors, and it’s also a standout feature in the eye-catching Calder’s design. The matte black wood paired with natural rattan creates a striking profile, which is bought to life when bathed in natural light and pared back sophistication.

A hotel-style bed with wooden slatting and built-in bedside tables, styled against a brown wall.
Morten Wooden Bed Frame with Bedside Tables


Morten Wooden Bed Frame with Bedside Tables


Level up your loft living with the opulent Morten bed frame, featuring convenient built-in bedsides. This Scandi-inspired design has plenty of industrial influences too, with rich textured wood panelling on the headboard and floating side tables.

A grey metal bed frame, styled in a neutral blue bedroom


Classic squared edges and rounded finials complete the traditional Downton metal bed frame. This minimalist design can be dressed up or down to perfectly match your industrial style, and comes in a choice of striking pink of grey to add a touch of softness to your bedroom.

Westbrook Metal Bed Frame


Westbrook Metal Bed Frame


Made from black metal with rounded corners, our Westbrook bed frame ticks the boxes for both industrial bed frame design and the current trend for curved furniture. Its simple yet sophisticated design complements the minimalist style of this contemporary grey and white bedroom.


Whether you’re a city lover or suburban dweller, incorporating industrial chic into your bedroom can add a clean, refined finish, perfect for open plan or multifunctional spaces. From raw materials to classic colours, find your ideal way to incorporate city life without compromising comfort.

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