Seven rustic bedroom ideas for a cosy and comfy space

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Your new rustic bedroom will be a haven of hygge, where you can curl up with a good book and retreat from the outside world.

Imagine laid-back charm with a lived-in look, soft textures with warm lighting, vintage accents and statement furniture pieces. Whether you live in a modern new-build or a quaint cottage, you won’t regret investing in timelessly classic rustic bedroom décor.

Rustic bedrooms are all about soft textures, natural elements and homegrown charm. Explore our characterful rustic bedroom ideas to help you create the look in your own home, with seven simple ways to get the look.

1. Keep colours naturally neutral

Choose soothing colours that bring tranquillity to the space.

For the base colours, take inspiration from nature, keeping tones neutral with an earthy feel. Warm creams, natural taupes, dusty pinks and sage greens all work well in a rustic bedroom. The soft hues give a light and airy feel and provide a stunning backdrop to showcase the rustic bedroom furniture and accessories that will complete the look.

For a bolder style, darker shades can be introduced on statement walls or wood panelling. Stay in the neutral zone with a warm terracotta or a deeper shade of rustic sage green. These colours blend beautifully with lighter tones to create a cosy cocoon, so you feel relaxed and rested by simply walking into the room.

A neutral upholstered bed frame with high buttoned headboard, styled in a neutral bedroom
Deacon Upholstered Bed Frame


Deacon Upholstered Bed Frame

Credit: @hoppyeveleighafter_

2. Pay attention to textures

Layers of different textures are key to achieving that laid-back feeling.

Rustic bedroom décor should be distressed without being shabby. It’s just the right side of a lived-in vibe, comfy and casual but not scruffy. Choose touchy-feely organic materials like unbleached linen, chunky weave wool blankets, macramé cushions and fluffy fleece throws. Mix contrasting textures and layer them up to add depth to the space.

Texture can also be introduced through the existing features in the room. If you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick walls or original wooden beams, make a statement of the rough finish. If not, other rustic bedroom ideas include a tweed chair, a wicker blanket box or textured wallpaper. The mishmash of materials will add vibrancy and warmth.

A grey upholstered bed frame, styled in a dark green bedroom
Charlie Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame


Charlie Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Credit: @maryhadalittlehome

3. Mix and match patterns

Be brave with your choice of patterns for a mismatched vibe.

Rustic bedrooms are coordinated but not matchy-matchy. Add a splash of colour with carefully chosen patterned fabrics. Stay in keeping with the neutral palette, mixing and matching contrasting patterns in similar subtle shades. Brushed bed linens with a sage green stripe work well when layered with dusty pink pillows in a fresh floral print.

A cosy pair of curtains can really complete the room and are a great way to bring a more daring pattern into the mix. For a luxuriously rustic feel, ensure the fabric falls to the floor. Drawing the drapes in the evening should signal the end of the busy day and the start of rest and relaxation, wrapping you up in the wonderful warmth of your bedroom bubble.

A low-rise wooden bed frame, styled in a neutral white room with wooden accents

Credit: @wandermum_chelsea

4. Find the right flooring

Combine rugged character with super-soft textiles for a homely feel.

Original, weathered floorboards are quintessentially rustic, but not realistic in all homes. Luckily, there are plenty of other rustic bedroom ideas that give the same look and feel. New hardwood flooring in warm, earthy tones with grains and knotting add rugged character. Alternatively opt for a low-pile carpet in a natural fibre like jute.

To avoid the room feeling stark and bare, add a layer of cosy texture in the form of a deep-pile, sheepskin or woven rug in creamy white or sage green. This all-important element will add another level of luxury and make the room feel much more homely. And of course, it’ll keep your toes toasty when you step out of bed.

A black metal bed, styled in a rustic sage and white bedroom
Westbrook Metal Bed Frame


Westbrook Metal Bed Frame

Credit: @oldtithecottage

5. Be bold with your bed

A beautiful bed should be the star of the show in a rustic bedroom.

A comfy bed is an essential part of your rustic hideaway. An investment that will last for years to come, rustic bedroom furniture can act as the centrepiece that pulls the whole look together. A simple metal bedframe provides a pretty vintage feel, while a wooden bed in a dark-stain finish makes a real style statement.

To give a rustic feel to your existing bedroom furniture, you can add an upholstered or metal headboard. Whichever option you choose, make sure you finish the look with beautiful linen to compliment your chosen colour scheme. Your bed should be so inviting that you count down the hours until you can snuggle down under the duvet.

A grey upholstered bed frame, set against a olive green panelled bedroom wall.
Charlie Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame


Charlie Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

6. Set the mood with lighting

Warm hues and textured finishes add a touch of charm and warmth.

It’s no secret that lighting is key to creating an inviting atmosphere. Set the mood to match your rustic bedroom décor with soothing, warm light in a soft yellow or orange hue. Create cosy nooks with accent lighting using table lamps or wall-mounted uplighters with a gentle glow. Use dimmer switches to soften the light from ceiling pendants.

Keep the earthy theme of the colour palette by choosing rustic materials for your lighting fixtures, like wicker, stone, or textured wood and linen shades. To bring an extra touch of charm to your rustic bedroom, drape strings of twinkling fairy lights and add candles in comforting scents to help you relax and unwind.

Deacon Upholstered Bed Frame


Deacon Upholstered Bed Frame

Credit: @ourcornishcottagerenovation

7. Add the finishing touches

Add a final flourish with unique decorative pieces to elevate the look.

Perfecting your rustic bedroom décor with finishing touches is the fun part. This is where you can pepper in a touch of unique charm to the room, adding personality with one-off vintage pieces that you fall in love with. Think antique vases, leather luggage cases, framed floral prints and reclaimed wooden mirrors for an authentic lived-in look.

Creating a rustic and cosy bedroom is all about embracing simplicity and natural beauty, mixed textures and soft hues. With these rustic bedroom ideas, you can transform your space into a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation that you’ll never want to leave. Bring that warm, fuzzy feeling into your bedroom and enjoy sweet dreams every time you snooze.

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