Tech-savvy smart bedroom ideas for peaceful slumber

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Last Modified 5 June 2024 First Added 4 March 2024

Introducing smart bedrooms, a stylishly savvy way to upgrade your sleep so you face each day feeling energised.

Many of us are led to believe that technology is the enemy of sleep. Far from it! In this article, we’ll divulge our favourite techy tips and tricks to make your bedroom a haven of rest and relaxation, with a little helping hand from some smart sleep solutions.

Does a smart bedroom improve sleep quality?

There are heaps of health benefits when it comes to smart bedrooms, not least because it can actually help you sleep better.

The reality is, many of us are already using technology to try and get better quality sleep, whether that’s a sleep tracker, sunrise alarm clock or white noise machine. Using technology proven to help you unwind, smart bedrooms can help you get closer to understanding how you catch your Zzzs, as well as cutting back on time-consuming pre-bed rituals that eat into your relaxation time.

So whether you’re trying to combat problems sleeping or simply want to upgrade your look, a smart bedroom can certainly improve your snooze as well as your style. Let’s explore how…

Navy velvet-touch hotel style bed, with built-in lighting
Murphy Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame With Bedside Tables


Murphy Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame With Bedside Tables

Credit: @britaliahomes

1. Ambient lighting

Low lighting signals to your brain that it is time to unwind, releasing melatonin to make you naturally sleepy. So, why not banish that big light and try a more ambient solution to set the mood for sleep in your bedroom?

Finding ways to incorporate lighting into your furniture saves precious plug sockets and creates a seamless, built-in look for your bedroom. Whether that’s stylish under-bed lighting, a luxurious hotel-style bed with fitted lighting or a bedside table featuring integrated USB ports, there are so many ways to bathe your bedroom in a warm glow. For alternate smart lighting ideas, try dimmable bulbs in place of your regular overhead lighting to soften the feel in your sleep space.

A motion-enabled TEMPUR Smart Bed, showing a couple using different settings to find their perfect sleep position
TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard


TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard

2. Motion

Sometimes, finding your perfect sleep position isn’t as simple as tossing and turning. With a motion bed, you’ll be able to choose your ideal posture at the touch of a button, with adjustable areas to support your neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. Whether you’re snoozing, relaxing with a good book or catching up on your favourite show, you can rest easy knowing you’re supported from head to toe.

Motion’s not just handy for drifting off, either. Our all-new TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Bed features a handy smart alarm, triggering your wake-up with gentle motion during your lightest phase of sleep, managed via the accompanying app. Happy mornings start here.


Snooze-busting solutions for couples

Over a quarter (27%) of respondents to our 2022 Sleep Survey reported snoozing better without their sleep partner. With that in mind, sometimes the smartest thing to do is separate (your sleep, that is!). This is where split motion bases come in, giving you and your companion independent control of your support and comfort.

Speaking of pesky sleep partners… 55% of respondents said they’re frequently disturbed by their partner snoring at night. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to get acquainted with the TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Bed.

Experience our smartest ever bed base, which automatically detects and responds to micro-vibrations from snoring, elevating the sleeper’s upper body to ease pressure on the airways. And thanks to the split platform base, you’ll stay blissfully undisturbed. Ahh.

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Grey velvet-touch bed, showing the foot end with built-in Dolby Atmos speaker
Yokohama Velvet-Finish Ottoman Dolby Atmos TV Bed Frame


Yokohama Velvet-Finish Ottoman Dolby Atmos TV Bed Frame

3. Sound

From ambient white noise to relaxing with your favourite podcast, audio is all-important for the bedroom. In fact, research shows that soothing sounds, such as white, brown or pink noise, could help you fall asleep up to 38% quicker. But rather than cluttering your bedside table with bulky speakers or tripping over the wires of a surround sound system, why not add a high-tech audio bed to your smart bedroom?

The sleek Yokohama TV Bed features our most advanced 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos surround sound. With headboard and footboard speakers, you’ll be instantly immersed in a world all of your own. For tech-mad teens, check out our Dawson Sound System Bed. This next-level audio frame is available in a cosy single size, perfect for teenage hangouts.

A motion-enabled TEMPUR Smart Bed, showing a woman sleeping comfortably in her perfect sleep position

4. Hands-free control

Picture this. You’ve just switched out the lights, you’re perfectly warm and snug in bed… but you just can’t get comfy. Now, would you rather peel yourself out of your cosy sheets to find a sleep position that’s just right, or simply ask Alexa to do it for you?

With the all-new TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Bed’s smart home connectivity, easily link to any virtual assistant and control your bed’s motion using only your voice. Seamlessly change your sleep position by elevating your head or legs, or try the zero-gravity setting for a feeling of total weightlessness. All without moving a muscle.

Discover the next generation of great sleep

Cosy bedroom with built-in lighting and monochrome accents
Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame


Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Credit: @red_brick_terrace

5. Underfloor heating

On the chilliest of winter mornings, there’s nothing quite as indulgent as stepping out of bed onto a warm floor. Whilst traditional radiators concentrate heat in specific spots, underfloor heating creates a gentle warmth that radiates through the entire room.

This is great for frosty mornings, but it also creates a more relaxing environment for sleep, regulating the warmth in your bedroom so you can maintain a comfortable temperature. For optimum snooze-ability, studies have shown that keeping your room between 15°C and 22°C can help you to drift off naturally. Modern underfloor heating systems are also remarkably efficient, often operating at lower temperatures than traditional radiators. Now that’s what we call a win win.

Person using the TEMPUR sleep app, giving unique insights into sleep behaviour as well as tips and tricks to improve sleep quality
TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Wave Headboard


TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Wave Headboard

6. Sleep apps

If you know your sleep needs a boost but you’re not sure where to start, trying a sleep app can be a useful first step to snoozing smarter. The great news is that there’s a huge array of choices available to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for meditation to help you drift off or a comprehensive tracker to calculate your sleep health.

Choose the TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Bed to become a sleep pro in no time. From unique insights on your sleep habits to personalised coaching to grow your expertise, this bed’s accompanying app puts the perfect night’s sleep in the palm of your hand. Each morning, you’ll wake up to a unique sleep report, helping you understand your sleep stages. Over time, you can see how your sleep is trending and use the customised coaching to improve your Zzzs. Now pass the pillow, would you?


USB ports and chargers

If you’ve tried to add some bedroom tech to your sleep space, you’ll know the frustrations of poorly placed plug sockets and trailing wires. To skip the stress, consider investing in bedroom furniture with built-in technology, which is a great way to keep all those little extras discreetly hidden away and give you complete control over your floor plan.

When you browse our brand-new TEMPUR® range, you’ll find beds designed to keep all the technology exactly where you need it – close at hand, but always out of sight. Particularly when designing a small smart bedroom, these innovative frames minimise fuss and maximise floorspace, giving you the freedom to create your perfect snooze retreat.

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