8 Tips On How To Create A Comfortable Bedroom Space

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By Joanna Thornhill

Turning your key in the front door at the end of a long day should, in theory, mean you can breathe a sigh of relief, kick off your shoes and relax. But if you’ve fallen out of love with your décor, your home might not have quite the warm, welcoming effect you’d hoped for as you step back over the threshold. Whether you’re tired of your bedroom style, or simply tired of trying to decide how to change it, design fatigue, whilst not technically an ailment your doctor is likely to give you any sympathy for, can still have real symptoms (the New York Times ran an article on this topic). So, if you’re fed up with your current style, or can’t decide on a colour scheme, try these eight simple steps to create a comfortable bedroom space.

 1. Freshen up

A simple lick of paint can sometimes be all it takes to turn a room from ‘blah’ to beautiful, especially if your existing walls are shabby and discoloured. The interiors world is still embroiled in a love affair with all things grey, but for something a little more soothing, try subtle shades of blues and greens – situated on the cool side of the colour wheel – their easy, relaxed aesthetic works particularly well in a bedroom or bathroom space.

2. Keep wall art well considered

Gallery feature walls can be fun, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, opt for something a little simpler for a comfortable bedroom. One large statement artwork can offer a big impact and provide a single resting point for the eye, helping your mind to focus on just one thing. If you’d prefer something super subtle, consider composing a selection of vintage bevelled mirrors, for some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pattern and interest.

3. Switch it up

Transforming your home needn’t necessarily involve splashing the cash. Instead of hitting the shops, take a good look at what you already have and think about how you might re-use or up-cycle what you have. Sometimes, all it takes is to rearrange your existing furniture, or swapping artwork, rugs and accessories between rooms, to learn to love them again – credit card not required!

4. Forget the Fads

While fashion and interiors often go hand in hand, slavishly following any of-the-moment trends can often result in you quickly tiring of the look (Keep Calm poster, anyone?!). As well as dating quickly, you’ll be likely to see that style replicated to saturation point in shops, magazines and on blogs, until you can’t bear to look at it any longer. Instead, opt for a slightly more timeless scheme, bringing in any high-trend pieces in small – and inexpensive – doses.

Joanna Thornhill Shares Tips on How to Create A Comfortable Bedroom Space via Sleep Matters Club

Credit: Joanna Thornhill / Home For Now (CICO Books)

5. Add a slice of life

Plants can have a real cheering impact on a room, and as well as visually lifting the space, they can (quite literally) help clear the air. With tropical and botanical both strong trends in interiors right now, house plants have swung back into favour, with retro favourites like the cheese plant and palm suddenly looking achingly hip, not to mention offering a far more affordable alternative to a designer bouquet of flowers (and – unless you’re completely black thumbed – they should last a lot longer, too).

6. Keep up to date

The latest expert advice shows you should aim to replace your mattress every eight years, both to aid comfort and encourage good hygiene, among other reasons. If yours hasn’t been replaced for a while, consider an upgrade now to totally transform the comfort and support of your boudoir.

Take the opportunity to consider which mattress might meet your needs best now, as these may have changed since you last purchased one. Would a firmer mattress offer more support for your back, or would the added comfort of a memory foam layer help you drift off better at night?

7. Revamp and re-love

Who doesn’t love a good old before-and-after? Rediscover tired old furniture, or modernise dated darkwood pieces, with a restorative colour refresh. Chalk paints, such as the range by Annie Sloan, allow even a novice to transform pieces and will work on any surface, even varnished or melamine. Use it to add character to a modern piece, or disguise a wood finish you’re not keen on, to reveal the silhouette of your furniture.

8. Follow your heart

Above all, try not to worry about adhering to a certain design aesthetic and simply go with what you love. If your children’s pottery attempts or that so-naff-it’s-almost-cool-again lamp from your Granny’s house in the 70s make your heart sing, embrace them into your décor – somehow, when you fill your home with things you truly love, you’ll start to find design similarities between the pieces, however disparate they might initially seem. Surrounding yourself with such things should certainly help keep any design fatigue at bay and help your comfortable bedroom just fall into place.

Trying just a few of these easy tips could help you rejuvenate your bedroom, bringing comfort, style and relaxation levels back to where they should be.

Do you have your own tips on how to create a comfortable bedroom space? Let us know in the comments.

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