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Last Modified 22 December 2023 First Added 29 July 2022

If sustainability is a must for your ultimate calming sleep oasis, we’re here to help. Join us as we guide your way to an eco-conscious bedroom.

The good news is, creating an environmentally friendly bedroom is easier than you might think. Upgrading your bedroom décor with sustainable fabrics and products is a stylish way to revamp your sleep space – and you’ll sleep better knowing you’re protecting the environment.

Why choose an eco bedroom?

Besides from doing your bit to help the Earth, eco-conscious interior design can be extremely durable. Furniture made from natural materials can last a lifetime. Instead of regularly replacing products, you can focus on falling in love with a few staples – saving money and the planet in the process!

Considering sustainability in your bedroom can also help to reduce your energy output. A few smart choices with materials, lighting and heating go a long way. For example, the right carpet and cushions can help to insulate your bedroom, reducing the need for heating.

Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame


Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame
Woodstock Wooden Bedside Table


Woodstock Wooden Bedside Table

Make your eco bedroom a reality

Discover our top tips for creating a sustainable bedroom you can feel good about.

Recycle your old bedroom

Before you start designing your brand new bedroom, it’s important to consider what you’ll do with your current bed and furniture. If you don’t have a blank canvas to work from, why not recycle your old bedroom?

As part of the Dreams zero to landfill policy, we can collect and recycle your old bed or mattress. Whether it’s an old headboard, well-loved sofa bed or outgrown children’s bed, we’ll make sure nothing goes to waste in the process. All recyclable materials are reused and the other waste is converted into green energy. You can rest easy knowing no part of your old bedroom has gone to landfill.

Find out more about our recycling services, which have helped to recycle over 1.5 million items since 2014. In 2022 alone, we helped customers to recycle 127,063 mattresses!

For other bedroom furniture, why not try local freecycle groups? The rise of ‘Buy Nothing’ communities has created a wave of consumerism based on giving and sharing, so your old bedroom staples can go to someone who’ll love them all over again. You can search for your local group on your preferred social media channel or online.

Ready to recycle? Find out more


Beyond the bed frame – choosing your mattress

It’s well worth investing in a good quality mattress, with natural materials that benefit both you and the planet.

Look out for materials like wool, cotton, hemp and bamboo that are all-natural but still super comfy and supportive. Our Flaxby mattress range contains many natural fibres, including locally-sourced Yorkshire wool. This traceable British sheep’s wool not only has a lower carbon footprint, but feels incredibly springy and is fully antibacterial.

The Flaxby range also includes our only fully recyclable pocket spring unit. The glue-free Cortec™ spring is engineered to be fully recyclable at the end of its life, and its steel and pocket cloth elements can be recycled time and time again. Whilst it’s in use, the innovative Cortec™ spring aligns perfectly to the contours of your body, alleviating crucial pressure points.

Discover our range of natural mattresses

Eppy 2-Seater Clic-Clac Sofa Bed


Eppy 2-Seater Clic-Clac Sofa Bed

Paint, wallpaper and flooring

When it comes to the finer decorating details, an increasing number of VOC-free paints and eco-friendly wallpapers are now available, making it easy to decorate your eco-style bedroom. VOC-free paints contain no volatile organic compounds, making them safe for indoor use with limited air pollution effects. If air quality is something you’re concerned about, why not add a few companionable plants to your sleep space to add a healthy dose of cleansing oxygen?

For wooden accents, such as flooring or furniture, check for FSC accreditation where you can. Rather than discarding wooden furniture, it’s easy to upcycle these pieces with paint, stains or varnish – you could even bring your floorboards back to life! If you’re set on replacing some staples, opt for eco-materials like recycled wood or bamboo, and choose locally-sourced suppliers.

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Hotel style bed with built-in bedsides, spotlights and shelves, with upholstery and wooden finishes.
Owen Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame


Owen Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Lights, please

Low energy LED bulbs are up to 50% more energy efficient than regular bulbs, so making the switch (pardon the pun) can be a great step towards a sustainable bedscape. Keep lights to a minimum, or incorporate softer lamps and fairy lights for a warm glow without the environmental impact. Try to rely on natural light to keep the room lit, and only turn the lights on when you really need them.

Choosing a bed frame with built-in spotlights such as the dynamic Owen can help to concentrate light where you need it, as well as ensuring your bedtimes are bathed in a cosy glow to help you drift off.

Ready to create? Bathe your bedroom in natural tones

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