Bedroom tips to increase sleep compatibility

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Last Modified 5 March 2024 First Added 11 May 2023


According to our 2022 Sleep Survey, over a quarter of us Brits sleep better when our partner isn’t around.

From snoring to duvet hogging, fidgeting to star fishing (if you know, you know), there are plenty of irksome sleeping habits that could stop you getting a great night’s sleep. If a sleep divorce isn’t for you, it might be time to switch things up.

Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to optimise your bedroom and increase your sleep compatibility. From a quick reconfiguration to investing in new bedding, join us as we share our top tips for getting a restful night’s sleep with even the most disruptive of sleeping partners.

Designing your bedroom

Layout, colour and configuration all play a key role in aiding our sleep, so don’t miss the opportunity to reconsider your bedroom design.

Beige upholstered sleigh double bed, styled with pink and green bedding.
Alana Upholstered Shadow Ottoman Bed Frame


Alana Upholstered Shadow Ottoman Bed Frame
Alana Upholstered Bedside Table


Alana Upholstered Bedside Table


Let’s start with the basics. A king or super king size bed is a great way to minimise disturbances from your sleep partner, for the simple reason of more space between the sheets. If you do anticipate being up in the night, choosing the right kind of a bed will help make those disturbances a little more manageable. How about a cosy upholstered bed for extra comfort or even a swish TV bed to help you drift back off with your favourite show?

It would be remiss of us not to mention mattresses, because certain designs can really help with minimising partner motion. If your other half has a habit of tossing and turning, choose a reactive pocket sprung or memory foam mattress. These fillings react to your body’s key pressure points, absorbing your partner’s movements so you can focus on getting cosy. If you and your fellow sleeper enjoy different comfort levels, browse our range of split tension mattresses for the best of both worlds.

House Beautiful Grove Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame


House Beautiful Grove Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame
House Beautiful Grove Velvet-Finish USB Charging Bedside Table


House Beautiful Grove Velvet-Finish USB Charging Bedside Table


Having ample space to spread out in your bedroom goes beyond a super-size bed. Making sure your bed is positioned in a place that allows you easy access will make it more convenient to get up and get away from any disturbances should you need to, and prevent feelings of being trapped.

It’s also a good idea to invest in two bedside tables – or consider a headboard with built-in bedsides – so you can easily grab ear plugs, headphones, a good book or anything else you need to help you get back to the land of nod. Feng shui lovers, that tip is for you.



It goes without saying (but indulge us anyway!) – colour can make a real difference when it comes to sleep. If you associate your bedroom with hours spent tossing and turning in frustration, it’s unlikely to be a place you feel ready to relax and recharge.

A simple lick of paint can transform the mood of a room, banishing thoughts of restless nights and creating a sanctuary of sleep wellness. Check out our top recommendations for paint colours to help you sleep.

Establishing sleep boundaries

Once you’ve considered the layout of your bedroom, making some simple changes to your bed can make a big difference.

Black wooden and rattan bed frame, styled with matching bedside tables in a bay window.

Separate bedding

It might sound extreme, but separate bedding can be a great way to avoid needing separate beds. 37% of respondents in our sleep survey claimed their partner was a duvet hog – so let’s take back the power! Having your own single or even double duvet can ensure your sleep partner doesn’t wake you when they rise or leave you out in the cold come night-time.

Though it’s nothing to worry about, if you are concerned about how multiple duvets will look on the bed, simply cover them over with a bedspread for a stylish finish.

Adjustable beds

Experience a whole new world of personalised sleep support with our adjustable Sleepmotion bases. The innovative 200 u&i model has independent movement on the right and left hand side, so you can adjust your sleeping position without disturbing your partner. Plus, it comes complete with zero gravity technology as well as adjustable areas, so you can experience truly weightless sleep, without being weighed down by sleep worries.

This base can be used on its own to create a minimalist, pared-back look, or dropped into one of our Sleepmotion compatible beds so you don’t have to compromise your style.

Whether you prefer to sit up as you snooze or need extra support for your joints, you can wirelessly adjust the base to find your perfect position. An elevated position may also be just the trick to stop your partner snoring – thank us later…

Now the stage is set for the perfect night’s sleep, let’s add the finishing touches. When it comes to lighting, soft ambient tones signal to your body that it’s time to start winding down, and can help you relax if fears of a restless night are keeping you awake. Consider candles, shaded light or a smart sleep light to simulate a sunset. For more inspiration, check out our top tips for creating the best bedroom lighting.

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