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How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Last updated: August 2023

Sofa beds are the ultimate lifesavers when it comes to hosting friends or making the most out of your small living space. They have become a staple piece of furniture in many homes. If you're wondering ‘How can I make my sofa bed more comfortable?’ then we're here to help. With a few simple adjustments, you can effortlessly transform your sofa bed into a cosy place to lounge during the day as well as a dreamy retreat for a good night's sleep.

1. Level up your comfort with a high-quality mattress topper

A mattress topper is a fantastic addition to any bed. Look for an airflow mattress topper filled with hypoallergic bouncy microfibres or a gel-infused topper, as they help to regulate your body temperature and provide excellent support and cushioning. The added layer of comfort alleviates any pressure points and minimises the feeling of the sofa bed's metal frame or springs, enhancing your overall sleeping experience.

2. Upgrade your mattress

If your sofa bed mattress is old and uncomfortable – it may be time to upgrade it. We always recommend you replace it every 8 years to ensure optimal comfort and support. There are so many different types of mattresses to choose from:

  • Memory foam mattresses: Embrace cloud-like comfort with the huggable support of memory foam, contouring to your body throughout the night.
  • Pocket spring mattresses: Feel the bounce and responsiveness of individually pocketed springs, providing targeted support and minimising motion transfer.
  • Latex mattresses: Experience the natural and breathable goodness of latex, offering a resilient yet gentle surface that conforms to your body's curves while keeping you cool.
  • Hybrid mattresses: Get the best of both worlds! These mattresses combine the perfect blend of pocket springs and memory foam or latex layers for an unparalleled sleep oasis.

    …to name just a few. You can find more advice in our guide – which mattress type is best for you? Just remember, before making a purchase, measure the dimensions of your sofa bed frame to ensure a proper fit.

3. Rotate and turn your mattress for freshness and longevity

Give your sofa bed mattress some love by giving it a regular rotation and turn. This will help to prevent wear and tear, avoid pesky sagging in specific spots, and ensure optimal comfort – especially if you're a side sleeper or enjoy lounging on your sofa bed. For more detailed information, make sure to read our guide on how to care for your mattress.

4. Indulge in the finest bedding

Choosing the right bedding can make a world of difference in enhancing comfort when sleeping in your sofa bed. Opt for soft, breathable sheets made from natural fibres like cotton or bamboo. These materials promote airflow and help regulate your body temperature. Next, think about your duvet , add a summer fresh duvet to keep you cool in hot weather and a high-tog duvet for warmth during the colder months.

5. Add supportive pillows for sitting and snoozing

Elevate your sofa bed lounging experience by strategically positioning supportive pillows behind your back. Not only will this promote proper posture and alleviate discomfort during extended periods of sitting, but it also ensures a blissful sleep for overnight guests during those exciting sleepovers.

6. Ensure proper support

A sag in your sofa bed can disrupt your sleep and leave you longing for better rest. Avoid this by periodically inspecting the frame and slats for wear and tear. Don't hesitate to put it to the test yourself by spending a night snoozing on it, uncovering any areas that may require attention. Then, you can better understand how to make it more comfortable for your guests.

7. Create a peaceful atmosphere

For unwinding and catching Zzzs, the environment surrounding your sofa bed can also impact its comfort level. Make the space feel more inviting by adding soft lighting, snug blankets, and decorative pillows. You can also use essential oils and aromatherapy for sleep, with calming scents like lavender or chamomile to create a serene atmosphere for both your personal relaxation and the delight of your cherished guests.

8. Maintain your sofa beds' cleanliness

Make sure to keep your sofa bed clean and fresh by regularly vacuuming it to remove dust and allergens. Also, wash your bedding and mattress toppers as usual. This will help to maintain a hygienic and pleasant sleeping environment that you and your guests will love.

Learn more – how to clean a mattress.

With just a few adjustments, you'll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds – a stylish sofa during the day and a restful bed at night – the ultimate comfortable haven. For more help and advice, check out our sofa bed buying guide.

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