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Sofa beds

Unlock the full potential of your space with these space-saving sofa beds. Whether you're transforming an office into a bedroom for guests or hosting your family for a special occasion, small sofa beds are the ideal solution for snug rooms. Explore a range featuring 2-seater options, expansive corner designs and contemporary grey styles.

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Browse our different types of sofa beds to find which works best for you. Complete the look with matching chairs and footstools.

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What sizes of sofa beds are available?

You can find our classic bed settee options and their average size measurements below:

  • Chair sofa beds: 82cm in height x 84cm in width
  • 2 seater sofa beds: 120cm in height x 180cm in width
  • 3 seater sofa beds: 80cm in height x 190cm in width
  • Corner sofa beds: 91cm in height x 218cm in width

What size sofa bed do I need?

Choosing the right sofa bed involves considering several key factors: the available space, the room's purpose, and your desired bed size. Assess where it will go, whether in an office-turned-guest room or vibrant living room and ponder the statement it makes. Additionally, you need to evaluate the space you have, considering the bed settee dimensions.

For more ideas on how maximise more snug spaces, read our guide best sofa bed styles for small rooms. Our range offers various sizes, from compact chair beds to impressive corner sofa beds for a versatile sleeping experience when guests come to call.

The different types of sofa bed mechanisms available

Explore our three sofa bed mechanisms for varying needs. Firstly, the Clic-Clac, which is super easy to use – simply drop the backrest for a flat sleeping surface. Next, the A-frame — similar to clic-clac but with a fold-down backrest, offering strength for long-term use. Or you can make use of the Pull-Out Sofa Bed storage beneath for convenience during sleepovers. Each has pros and cons, depending on preference, space, and usage frequency. Whichever you choose, expect a comfortable and stylish sofa bed to delight your guests.

How can I make my sofa bed comfy?

Ensure your sofa bed is ultra-comfy for naps or guests. Upgrade with a mattress topper and choose memory foam, cotton, or your preferred material. Don’t forget to extend the plushness of your sofa bed by regularly flipping the cushions. Elevate the experience for guests with soft, breathable bedding and extra pillows. If you’re worried about where to store these extras, maximise space with sofa beds featuring built-in storage.

Style your perfect sofa bed with personal touches like decorative cushions or a statement bedspread. Finally, add finishing touches for a welcoming vibe when it’s time for guests to unwind — we’re thinking a bedside table, lamp, books, fresh flowers, or a scented candle. Discover more comfort tips in our guide, how to make a sofa bed more comfortable.

Sleeper sofa designs and colour options

Explore these stunning fabric sofa beds, including soft touch woven and stylish velvet look fabrics. Or try our grey sofa beds, which exude timeless elegance, seamlessly blending with modern and traditional décor. For a calm atmosphere, consider our blue sofa beds, evoking instant calm and transforming your space into a peaceful haven. Opt for an alluring cream couch beds with soft, neutral tones for relaxation, perfect for curling up with a book.