How to update your kids’ bedrooms as they grow

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From adorable tiny humans to fearless explorers brimming with attitude, we’re here to inspire your child’s bedroom design, stage by stage.

Each child’s development stage is filled with growth and discovery. During the early years, their first smiles and wobbly steps mark the beginning of an adventure filled with curiosity. As they enter preschool, their minds become fertile grounds for imagination, where fantastical worlds are created through play and exploration.

The school-age phase brings forth leaps in knowledge and skills as their minds become sponges. And finally, the teenage years emerge – vibrant with self-discovery and independence, where they navigate the complexities of identity and forge their passions. Throughout this journey, they’ll need a space to grow, rest, and explore.

Bedroom ideas for new arrivals: 0-2 years

In the first couple of years of your child’s life, their bedroom will be a sleep sanctuary where they learn to get the rest they need to grow.

Sleep spaces for your bundle of joy

With babies under 18 months, you’ll need a cot that is safe and secure. As a baby and young child’s bones are still developing, they need a cot mattress to keep them aligned and help them grow properly. We recommend a mattress with good support, such as the Rock a Bye Toddler Mattress.

Once the cot and mattress are in place, avoid hanging anything like picture frames directly over the cot, as it won’t be long before your baby’s pulling themselves up and grabbing anything that’s within reach.

Storage ideas for nurseries

Despite being so small, babies and toddlers need a lot of stuff – storage is a must. Choose handy furniture with easy-access storage like changing tables and a chest of drawers, where you can keep everything close by for when you need it, day or night.

How to decorate your baby’s bedroom

Go with what you love. We adore neutral colours for walls as they will give your room longevity. You can always add personality with a wall sticker. They’re simple to use – and just as simple to remove – so you can quickly transform your nursery into a child’s bedroom when the time comes. We also recommend blackout blinds for your nursery as it helps regulate your little one’s circadian rhythm faster by teaching them to associate darkness with sleep.

A white cot and 2-in-1 chest and changing station, dressed in dark cosy nursery with wall decor.
Dreams Sleigh Cot Bed


Dreams Sleigh Cot Bed
Dreams 2-in-1 Sleigh Chest & Changing Table


Dreams 2-in-1 Sleigh Chest & Changing Table

Create a slumber sanctuary for little ones to feel safe and relaxed

Gaining independence: bedroom updates for 3-6 years

When they’re between three and six, it’s time to start adapting your child’s nursery into a bedroom filled with independence.

The best beds for 3-6-year-olds

At this age, they’ll need a toddler bed – the first step towards a grown-up bed. For those in-between years, our Silentnight Koko Cot Bed can be converted into a toddler bed, suitable up to 4 years old. Toddler beds such as this feature high sides and smooth edges to keep little adventurers safely tucked up, giving them much more room than a cot. Many toddler beds also come in fun designs to create a joyful kid’s room. Check out our playful Rainbow Bed – its pastel tones are super cute.

Storage solutions for young children’s bedrooms

This is the stage when you’re teaching your child how to dress themselves and showing them where their things belong. So, you’ll need to ensure everything they need to use in their bedroom (without your supervision) is within easy reach. Shelves should be low enough for them to store their toys and clothes, but remember to secure everything to the wall so there is no risk of falling furniture.

Decorating ideas for 3-6-year-olds

As your little one grows, they’ll develop their interests and preferences. This is when the fun starts, and you can get more creative with the bedroom decor. Involve them in the process. They may want brighter colours on the walls, playfully patterned bedding, and generally more decorative items around them – have fun and work with your child to create something they’ll love.

While making bedtime an exciting adventure is a great idea, three to six years can be a stage in a child’s life when bedtime anxieties develop; it might be worth investing in a night light to help them fall asleep.

A pastel rainbow-design toddler bed, styled in a colourful kids room with rainbow-print wallpaper.
Rainbow Kids Velvet-Finish Bed Frame


Rainbow Kids Velvet-Finish Bed Frame

Growing into themselves: bedrooms for 7-10 years

Between seven and nine years, their personalities shine, and ‘stuff’ starts accumulating. Storage, anyone?

Bed updates for 7-10-year-olds

If space is tight or you have two children sharing a room, it’s worth considering a kids’ storage bed. From bunk beds to cabin beds – we have so many practical and stylish designs for you to explore. With built-in storage, desks, and extra sleeping spaces, clutter will be kept at bay, and children will have a space to study, unwind, and have sleepovers with their friends.

Whichever type of bed frame you choose, a supportive mattress is essential. Learn how to choose the right kids’ mattress.

Clever storage solutions as they grow

Smart storage is invaluable. Think wall hooks or peg rails to hang dressing gowns and towels, beds that offer organisation space, and labelled storage boxes for their clothes and homework. At this age, kids can become independent in looking after their bedroom and belongings, so it’s important to help them with practical storage that makes tidiness easier.

Bedroom decorating ideas for 7-10-year-olds

When it comes to bedding, there’s a huge choice of character-themed designs available for this age group. While it’s fun to indulge their favourites, plain colours or timeless patterns like stars or stripes can be used right through to their teenage years, extending the life of the bedding. The same goes for wall colours. If you keep colours simple, they may not be asking for a ‘grown-up room’ quite so early.

Discover the dreamiest beds for ever-changing adventures

Tween bedroom designs: 11-13 years

By now, they’re starting to feel grown-up and want their own space that reflects their personality.

The best beds for 11-13-year-olds

This is a great age to update to a high sleeper bed, especially for smaller bedrooms. This range features beds with desks that provide a cosy place to sleep and plenty of space for activities like homework, hobbies, and socialising. As they start secondary school, they’ll have more challenging schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, and of course… a busier social life. So having a comfortable environment to get the slumber and relaxation they need is ever so important.

Must-have tween bedroom storage

It may be time to purge their belongings as they grow out of their “babyish” toys and clothes. Take the opportunity as a fresh start. Assess and optimise their current storage options, making it easier for them to access the things they need. Perhaps you could add more drawers to separate outfits, add hooks for coats and school bags on the back of doors, and a laundry basket to keep washing off the floor?

Easy tween bedroom design updates

In Today’s Parent, interior consultant Mandy Milks says:

Giving in to their ‘design choices’ might make you cringe, but it can go a long way. It could be a fun project to tackle together, but let them know any bold moves they make need to last a long time. The unicorn wallpaper might date itself quickly. You are more of a design coach at this point.

Why not introduce them to some of our favourite bedroom trends for 2023? They reflect the rise of non-gendered rooms and include murals with magical scenes, geometrics used from floor to ceiling and three-dimensional wall coverings.

Managing screen time can also become a challenge at this age. The blue light from their phones, tablets, and other devices can make sleeping difficult, so it’s worth ensuring they’re switched off at least an hour before bedtime. Creating a family charging station in a separate room, like the living room or kitchen, can work well for everyone – keeping the pesky screens out of their bedroom.

Anderson Desk High Sleeper With Chair


Anderson Desk High Sleeper With Chair

Bedroom updates for the teenage years

Once your child becomes a teenager, it’s time to transition to a more grown-up bedroom design.

Beds for teenagers

As your children embark on adulthood, they crave a space that truly captures their essence and growth. Among the vital elements of revamping their bedroom design, the bed stands as a cornerstone. In smaller spaces, they may still enjoy a mid or high-sleeper, with all the helpful storage that maximises floor space. However, they may want something bigger and more mature. Our storage beds, like ottomans and divan bases, are the perfect upgrade for functionality and style. Try ottoman beds with built-in tech like lights, speakers, and charging ports that they’ll want to show off to their friends.

Parents, we know these years can be challenging at times. But we’re here to help with our teenage sleep guide. It’s all about learning how to help them manage the complex relationship with sleep.

Much-needed teenage storage solutions

Beyond the bed, there are tonnes of ways to update bedroom storage. From matching bedside tables and blanket boxes that can tie in a colour scheme to wardrobes with built-in mirrors and shelves – teenage bedrooms must work for all aspects of their lives, from school to fashion, interests to social lives.

How to decorate a growing teenager’s bedroom

Every teen is different, and they’re sure to share their opinions on how they would like their space decorated, so listen! Neutral walls are the most versatile choice paired with colourful bedding, so they can change their minds as their personal style evolves. But don’t shy away from colour completely. A feature wall or mural is a fantastic way to make a statement without making the room too busy. If they’re insistent on dark colours like black, then ensure plenty of light is coming into the room.

One of the best ways to upgrade a teenage bedroom is to divide the room into distinct areas for different activities. A glamorous vanity table is perfect for getting ready or making social media content, especially with a ring light. Adding bean bags or, if you have the space, a sofa bed can double as a reading nook, gaming corner, and a place for socialising. You can get more inspiration from our top teenage bedroom ideas.

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