How to make a sensational Santa’s grotto for your kids

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This festive season, many of us will be determined to ensure our family Christmas celebrations are more special than ever. From creating new traditions to embracing the joy of a full house, it really is the most magical time of the year.

Are you planning to go the extra mile to make this Christmas unforgettable? If so, why not give your children the gift of a fully decked out bedroom wonderland that they’ll fondly remember for the rest of their lives?

Here are some inexpensive and creative ideas that’ll delight not only your kids, but the whole family and anyone else who pops in to visit. Santa may even stop by if you’re lucky…

A festive green and red children's bedroom, with a black metal bunk bed
Westbrook Kids Metal Bunk Bed


Westbrook Kids Metal Bunk Bed

Deck their rooms in traditional red and green

Let’s face it, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without decking out the halls in traditional tones.

These most Christmassy of colours are perfect to give your children’s rooms the right festive feeling. If you think of yuletide, you’re likely to picture holly trees with beautiful bright-red berries contrasting against the deep green foliage of the tree.

It’s a colour combination that evokes magical memories of Christmases past. Take a look at how we’ve decorated a child’s room in red and green to bring out the spirit of Christmases past; paired with the classic black metal of the Westbrook Bunk Bed from our range of kids’ beds. Ideal from siblings or sleepovers (festive or otherwise), this sturdy bunk bed is an exceptional year-round choice.

Why is red and green so popular?

When it comes to festive décor, there’s a deep history of holly and its association with Christmas. Ancient Celtic people believed holly plants brought beauty and good fortune in the middle of winter. To promote a prosperous new year, they’d regularly dress their homes with the red and green plants. This routine of putting up red and green holly has evolved into our tradition of hanging decorations of the same colours. Now let’s see just what we can achieve using this fantastic colour combination.

A festive green and red children's bedroom, with a black metal bunk bed
Westbrook Kids Metal Bunk Bed


Westbrook Kids Metal Bunk Bed

Elevate your grotto to the next level

These finishing touches will make your little one delight in the yuletide spirit, from festive bedding to luminous lighting.

You don’t need to go as far as us in painting the whole room green, but it’s important to add touches of the colour wherever you can. Soft red bedding and cushion accents bring all the cosiness you could want, making your kids’ bed look as inviting as a Christmas present!

Then consider the lighting. Getting this right will elevate your Christmas grotto from run-of-the-mill to wondrous and spectacular! We’ve opted for white hanging stars which create a really magical atmosphere, reference the Star of Bethlehem from the nativity story, and are perfect for photos! Then a good old-fashioned wooden sledge and a collection of (non-melt!) snowy trees evoke all the fun and games of a white Christmas for children. We’re all secretly dreaming of one, aren’t we?

Get ready for sparkle and stockings. You’re never too old, are you?

Add red and green decorations all around the room and lay out tinsel for some added sparkle! We’ve put up some Christmas stockings early, but your children may prefer to wait until the big night of December 24th to hang these out. Finally, by adding the glow of candles and the twinkling of fairy lights, your very own children’s Christmas grotto will truly come to life.

Hopefully this will have inspired you to create a truly special Christmas grotto for your little elves! For new parents, don’t forget to check out our nursery ideas to welcome your baby into the world – and introduce them to Christmas! And if you’ve got time to spruce up your own space, we’ve got some great ideas for decorating your own bedroom for Christmas.

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