7 reasons British wool is a must-have sleep companion

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Light, breathable and oh-so cosy, wool is a beloved bedtime companion for many, from teddies to pyjamas. But what makes it so wonderful for sleep? Read on to find out.

Consider the humble sheep. A gentle, docile creature complete with a gloriously woolly fleece. From this description, it might not be immediately obvious why this familiar farmyard animal could help you get a great night’s sleep. Allow us to explain…

Sheep wool is a popular filling for duvets, pillows and mattresses, and with good reason. It’s a natural filling, which means it doesn’t contain any synthetic fibres, and its exceptional bounce and temperature-regulating properties make it an excellent all-season solution for bedding.

British wool has an illustrious heritage. In fact, Britain has had a thriving wool industry since 55 BC – now that’s a lot of shearing!

There are more breeds of sheep in the UK than in any other country around the world, with British wool being highly sought after for its quality and durability.

And those qualities extend to aiding sleep, too. Thanks to the UK’s changeable climate and wide variety of sheep breeds, British wool is incredibly hearty with a bunch of sleep-promoting properties, too. Let’s explore…

The benefits of British wool for sleep

  1. Temperature regulating: Naturally insulating, wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer – just like it does for sheep! This makes it an excellent year-round choice that keeps you comfortable from season to season.
  2. Controls moisture: Say goodbye to sweaty nights! Wool naturally controls moisture, which has the added benefit of repelling dust mites, fungi and mould, making it hypoallergenic too.
  3. Biodegradable and recyclable: Where your mattress ends its life is as important as where it starts it. This makes biodegradable wool a popular choice for eco-conscious shoppers. It can also be fully recycled using our mattress recycling service.
  4. Traceable: If buying local is important to you, then why not choose a mattress that supports British farms? All Dreams wool is traceable through our partnership with British Wool – we even know which farm it came from! More on that later…
  5. Breathable: Wool is incredibly lightweight, enhancing airflow through your mattress. Breathable fillings are particularly important for maintaining good sleep hygiene, helping to keep your sleep surface fresh night after night.
  6. No hidden nasties: British wool is naturally fire-retardant, meaning no harsh chemicals are added through the production process. That means you can enjoy all of the sleep, with none of the worry.
  7. Durable and robust: Wool has exceptional rebound, which means it stays plump throughout its lifetime. No sagging mattresses here! Its durability through the years means it’s an ever-popular choice for sleepers of all types.
Dorset Down Sheep wool, collected from our partnered farm in the West Midlands

Where does Dreams wool come from?

You can find British wool in a wide range of our natural mattresses, but where does it start its life?

We’ve exclusively partnered with a sheep farm in the Black Country to sustainably source the British wool in our Dream Team range. “The Dreams wool is coming from Dorset Down sheep. They’re an old breed, they’re on the rare breeds list,” shares Jane McMinn, our partnered farmer who supplies all of our certified British wool.

This partnership is possible because of the remarkable advances in wool traceability in recent years, helped in no small part by British Wool, who Dreams have partnered with since 2022.

“[In terms of] the traceability side of the wool, now we can track the wool from almost farm door to right up until the end packing process,” says Ian Brooksbank, manager of British Wool, who collect, grade, market and sell these natural fillings to certify their authenticity and quality.

Our partnered farmer, Jane, feeding a Dorset Down Sheep

Meet our Dorset Down sheep

One of the oldest breeds of native sheep, Dorset Down sheep are highly prized for the quality of their wool. Describing the herd on her farm in the Black Country, Jane McMinn had this to say: “On the whole, Dorsets are reasonably biddable. They certainly like their food!”

Join Jane at our partnered farm and hear more about her thriving herd of Dorset Down sheep in the video below.

When discussing the quality of their wool, Jane noted its immense benefits for sleep: “Dorset wool is a fine wool. The fibre is breathable, it’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer, recyclable, natural fibre… what’s not to love?”

How to keep your wool mattress at its best

  • Mattress care 101 starts with understanding the type of mattress you have. Single-sided mattresses need rotating regularly to stop any lumps and bumps forming. Double-sided mattresses will need turning (also known as flipping the mattress) as well as rotating, which extends the life of your sleep surface.
  • To enhance wool’s natural breathability, air your mattress in a well-ventilated room with all bed linen removed. We recommend doing this when your mattress first arrives, then as regularly as you are able – for example, when it’s time to change the sheets. This will help to eliminate any build-up of moisture, as well as keeping the wool super bouncy.
  • We know accidents happen, but it’s best to clear up any spills as soon as possible to prevent stains forming. For general maintenance, always use a soft brush to keep your mattress free of dust rather than a vacuum cleaner.
  • A mattress protector is always a good idea. It can help out with those occasional spills by protecting your sleep surface, as well as keeping your mattress fresher for longer.

Shop a range of British wool mattresses in our innovative Dream Team collection, designed to keep you at the top of your game. Check out our award-winning Brookfield natural mattress, crowned Best Mattress at the Ideal Home Bedroom Awards 2023. With dual layers of sumptuous British wool, this double-sided mattress is durable, breathable and oh-so cosy.

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