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Sofa Beds

If you’re a little short on space but still want room for guests to sleep when they visit, then a sofa bed could be the perfect solution. Browse our varied, high quality collection today for great deals on classic and contemporary sofa beds.

18 results

18 results

Sofa beds are a fantastic way of maximising the space in a bedroom or guest room. You can use them as sofas for the majority of the time and just pull them out when needed, perfect for when you’re having people to stay.

A common misconception is that sofa beds aren't as comfortable as regular beds, but whoever says that clearly hasn’t slept in a Dreams sofa bed. Our sofa beds are supremely comfortable both as a bed and a sofa, ensuring luxury and relaxation no matter what you use it for.

As you can see from our great selection, we have a variety of different styles, colours and designs of sofa beds. Many have built in storage, and some you wouldn’t even know are sofa beds at first glance, making their integration into your room seamless. No matter the décor of your room, whether it’s classic or contemporary, we have a sofa beds in fabric or faux leather finishes, guaranteed to look fantastic.

What’s more, buying a sofa bed from Dreams won’t cost you a fortune, and thanks to our price promise , you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve got a great deal.

If you like what you see but have some questions about our sofa beds or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 652 5090.