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Storage Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are the perfect solution to help save space while providing a comfortable bed for guests to sleep on. Storage sofa beds are the perfect solution to help store extra bedding, cushions, or magazines whilst still keeping your room tidy and clutter free.

4 results

4 results

If you live in a small apartment without much space, a sofa bed may be the perfect solution for you. Sofa beds offer two pieces of furniture in one compact and cosy investment. On top of that, storage sofa beds are specially designed to offer even more space in hidden compartments. So you can store away any bits and bobs and create lots more room to play with.

The best type of sofa bed for storage

Although they seem simple, there are actually many different types of sofa bed. The 5 main designs are fold out, clic clac, lift and pull, A frame and corner sofa beds. They vary by mechanisms and how you transform them from sofa to bed. However, all are very easy to assemble. In term of sofa beds with storage, the top three types are clic clac, lift and pull and corner sofa beds.

  • Clic clac sofa beds work by pushing the back rest further back until it is in line with the rest of the seat, making a comfortable bed with plenty of storage underneath.
  • Lift and pull sofa beds work by lifting the seat upwards and unlocking the mechanism, then pulling it out to create a flat platform. They are most commonly associated with futons. So if you’re after a futon with storage, a lift and pull sofa bed is the one to look out for.
  • Finally, corner sofa beds feature an ottoman base, similar to a standard bed, which opens up and offers a sizeable storage compartment to hide anything. A corner sofa bed with storage might be the best option if you are short on space, as they offer more storage than most sofa beds.

The benefits of a sofa bed with storage

Sofa beds are the perfect solution to help save space while providing a comfortable bed for guests to sleep on. Not only that, but bed settees with storage are ideal for hiding extra cushions, bedding, or magazines whilst still keeping your living room tidy and clutter free. Creating space for your sofa bed

Whichever sofa bed you decide to go for, it’s important to ensure you have enough space to transform your sofa into a bed. We recommend you measure the space in front of your sofa to see if it can accommodate a bed. The average double sofa bed with storage features a mattress which is roughly 52‐60 inches wide and 72 inches long.

It’s also important to leave a little space behind the sofa. This is because certain types of sofa beds, for example, clic clacs, work by pulling the back rest down. However, if you’d like your sofa bed to be against a wall, fold out sofa beds or corner sofa beds are the best option for you, as they extend from the front only.

At Dreams we offer a wide range of sofa beds with storage. These are available in a variety of designs, colours and finishes, including faux‐leather. For any enquiries about our sofa beds, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 652 5090.