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What Is The Strongest Bed Frame?

Posted: February 2023 | Last updated: February 2023

You might be wondering how much weight the average bed frame can hold and how strong it’ll be. We’re here to help.

Beds tested against the BS standard for domestic products should comfortably support an individual up to around 16 stone (101kg), and a double/king-sized one should hold two people each weighing that. However, this is just a guideline that only roughly estimates the sturdiness of the frame, so it's best to do more research into what will be best for you.

Which bed frame material is strongest?

If you're looking for an extra sturdy bed then the best materials to go for will be hardwood and metal, such as steel. These are particularly durable and will fair better under more weight than cheaper frames, which is important for your continued comfort. When choosing a bed frame, remember to check the guarantee, which can be up to ten years or more for high-quality items. This will tell you how long the manufacturer expects it to last with regular use and what conditions void the guarantee.

Should you go for a slatted or platform bed?

There are two types of bed frames: those with a slatted base and those with a solid platform top. Most beds come with wooden slats, and planks that run along the bed and support you and your mattress. Cheaper beds will have thinner slats, sometimes metal poles, which are placed further apart. This offers much less support as there is more space for your mattress to sink into. Plus, there is a lot more pressure on the slats, so they are likely to bow more quickly. The best slatted option to go for is sprung slats, which are curved and provide more reactive support to your weight and movements while you're in bed.

Platform-topped beds like divan beds are considered the most sturdy type of bed frame. These have a solid base so you are completely supported without any gaps. They won't sag either as there are no support bars to give way. So if you are looking for a sturdy bed frame, platform bases are a great option.

What to look for in a strong bed frame

If you need to watch the budget or want a particular kind of bed, for example, an ottoman bed, that doesn't come as a platform top, you can still get a frame strong enough for your needs. Here are our top features to look for to ensure a sturdy frame:

  • Number of slats: The actual number of slats is not the most important factor but the space between them. There should be no more than 2.75 inches (7cm) between each slat but preferably less. This will mean the number of slats will differ depending on how wide they are and the size of the bed frame.
  • Sturdy central bar: There should be a centre bar running down the middle of the bed that reinforces the slats and distributes weight evenly.
  • Type of base: Another important thing to consider is the type of support the frame has. If your bed has legs, those are pressure points that will determine how much weight the bed can take, so more is better. The bed should also have a central leg underneath for extra support.
  • Right surface: Ensure that you place your bed on a flat, even surface so that it is completely sturdy and your weight is distributed across the entire frame instead of focusing on one side, which will warp the bed prematurely.

What mattress type is best for heavy people?

If you are heavier, then it can be difficult to know which mattresses are made for your comfort. When looking for high support, we recommend going for a firm or extra firm mattress as they have less give and will better brace pressure points and extra weight than soft mattresses. For the filling, a latex mattress offers a firm but a malleable surface that will react to your body shape without sinking too much. Being a natural material, latex is also great for temperature regulation and keeping you cool at night.

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