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Divan Beds vs Ottoman Bed Frames

Last updated: February 2024

When choosing the best bed for your room, you will want to consider how much space you’ll have to play with – not only for the furniture itself, but also to help you store your treasured items. Luckily, you've got plenty of options when it comes to storage and functionality for your bedroom.

Pros and cons of each bed type

Many customers opt for an ottomon or divan bed, due to their sturdy stature and space-saving storage. But which is better for your own home? To help you make a decision, we've listed the pros and cons of both bed types for you to consider before you commit.

Pros of Divan beds

  • Easy to assemble - Arguably the biggest advantage of the divan bed, as they come in easy-to-assemble packages and usually require very little work to put together.
  • Compact - If floor space is in short supply in your bedroom, a divan bed is a great option thanks to its compact form factor and efficient use of space. Many divans also include drawers in varying configura-tions to maximise storage in easy compartments.
  • Practical - Out of all the beds, divans are incredibly practical. They're usually not too expensive, have storage options, and are easy to move around due to their compact form and lack of headboard.
  • Lots of choice - Divans come in a number of shapes and sizes, as well as a range of materials. Because of this, they can slot into any aesthetic with ease.

Cons of Divan beds

  • Bulky - Divan beds will arrive as two pre-made box bases, which can make them difficult to get through doorways or into certain spaces. Houses with steep staircases, lofted bedrooms, or narrow doorways may not be suitable.
  • Tricky to clean underneath Divans sit very close to the floor, which means it can be tricky to keep them clean around the edges.

Pros of Ottoman bed frames

  • Huge storage - Arguably the biggest selling point of an ottoman bed frame is that the whole area under your bed becomes prime storage real estate. This means you can cut the bedroom clutter, while still keeping the things you need close at hand.
  • Easy access - Not only is there loads of storage, but with a piston-assisted mechanism that makes lift-ing easy, it's no hassle to access anything underneath.
  • Great for organising a space - For those of us who like to keep our bedrooms exactly how we like them, having a place to store items that don't fit the style of the room is a huge bonus.
  • Lots of choices with style - Ottoman beds come in so many different styles and designs, including a range of statement headboards, so there's sure to be something to suit your aesthetic.

Cons of Ottoman bed frames

  • A bit more expensive - Ottoman bed frames can sometimes cost a little more than divans as they are trickier to manufacture, and include a bespoke piston-assisted lift and close mechanism.
  • Difficult to move - Once your ottoman bed frame is fully assembled, it can be difficult to move it if you decide to redesign your bedroom. Not only that, but if you've filled the storage, then you will have to move that out before trying to shift the bed frame itself.
  • Handle with care - While all modern ottoman bed frames come with a myriad of safety features, they shouldn't be played with by children. If you have pets or babies around, keep them out of the way when you open up your storage underneath.

We hope this simple list of pros and cons helps you decide which way to go when choosing between these two popular types of beds.

Which is best for my bedroom?

The answer to this depends heavily on your needs. If you want a bed that is easy to assemble and move that also has good storage options, then a divan bed is the obvious choice. If you want maximum storage and don't mind a bed that's a little trickier to move once assembled, then an ottoman bed frame is the way to go.

You should also consider your needs and lifestyle – if you move a lot or love to reorganize your room, or perhaps you prefer open-plan storage space to suit a variety of items, that will make it clear which bed is the best fit for you.

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