9 Iconic Bedrooms from Film and Television

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An individual’s bedroom represents their safe haven, with their design and décor choices being an ideal depiction of their character and traits. The bedrooms that have graced our television screens are no different and give us a peek into the character’s life. Thanks to talented set designers and visionaries over the years, bedrooms from film and TV seem to have no limits and boast the most exciting features or technology. To celebrate these bedrooms from film and TV, we rank 9 of the most iconic bedrooms, looking at the grand designs featured in Bond films to Potter’s cupboard under the stairs.

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1. Andy’s Bedroom – Toy Story

First on our list, as the most iconic, is Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story as it is the social hub for all of our beloved characters’ activities. This iconic blue bedroom features all kinds of posters, books, games and of course toys of every shape and size. If you want to delve deeper into every nook and cranny of this room, super fan Morgan McCrew has actually recreated a perfect replica of it.

An image of Andy’s Bedroom

Image courtesy of pixar.wikia.com

2. Harry Potter’s Bedroom – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

The second most recognisable bedroom on this list is Potter’s measly cupboard under the stairs at the Dursley household. Although it’s dusty, cramped and arguably home to many a spider, this tiny excuse for a bedroom has had people flocking from all over the world to visit 4 Privet Drive.

An image of Harry Potter’s Bedroom

Image courtesy of newstatesman.com

3. Regina George’s Bedroom – Mean Girls

Fourth has to be Regina George’s magnificent master bedroom as seen in Mean Girls. Combining opulence with an excess of pink trimmings, this is any teenage girl’s dream room. If you’d like to adopt the lavish lifestyle, create your very own burn book, and have a place to store your pink clothes for Wednesdays. Funnily enough, it turns out this property is actually on the market.

An image of Regina George’s Bedroom

Image courtesy of Pinterest.com

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4. Wallace’s Bedroom – Wallace & Gromit

Wacky imaginative pair Wallace and Gromit have created a bedroom to envy, thanks to the invention of their Bed Launcher. As a state of the art technological innovation, the bed launcher helps give us that little push we all need in the mornings. Creator Nick Park claims:

‘If you’re a busy chap like Wallace you need to use your day productively – dressing and getting ready for breakfast are clearly a waste of time when there’s inventing afoot. That’s why he designs the Bed Launcher & Auto Dresser for The Wrong Trousers.’

5. Octopussy’s Bedroom – Octopussy (James Bond)

We couldn’t write a list about iconic bedrooms and not nod in Bond’s direction. In The Art of Bond, director John Glen claims production designer Peter Lamont was the genius behind making Octopussy’s bed in the shape of an octopus. He states ‘I thought the audience would never quite notice it but on the contrary, it got a great laugh’.

An image of Octopussy's Bedroom

Image courtesy of screengrabsaz

6. Sarah’s Bedroom – Labyrinth

Seventh is Sarah’s room in Labyrinth, which perfectly exemplifies the 80’s teenage girl room, with plenty of posters, floral bedroom furniture and stuffed toys that turn out to be the characters she meets on her quest. To make the set design even more clever, the M.C Escher Relativity print in her room foretells the later scene in Jareth’s castle where Sarah is surrounded by staircases.

An image of Sarah’s Bedroom

Image courtesy of muppet.wikia.com

7. Dexter’s Bedroom – Dexter’s Laboratory

Eighth on the list, and a personal favourite for any nineties kids, has got to be Dexter’s Laboratory. As a child prodigy, Dexter often retreats to his bedroom and enters his secret underground lab, where he has to keep his interfering sister DeeDee at bay. Out of all the bedroom ideas, how many children’s bedrooms can actually boast a hidden laboratory?

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8. Ryan Atwood’s Bedroom – The OC

Last on the list of iconic bedrooms is a room all fans of teen drama the OC will recognise, Ryan’s chic pool house bedroom. While not incredibly ‘iconic’, this room is certainly memorable thanks to the infinity pool outside and not to mention, cliff top view. As possibly the luckiest kid from Chino, Ryan lands this posh pad courtesy of the Cohens.

An image of Ryan Atwood’s Bedroom

Image courtesy of hookedonhouses.net

9. Eleven’s Bedroom – Stranger Things

While not particularly a bedroom and more of Mike’s basement, Eleven’s hideout is a recent but noteworthy contender, coming third in this list. Featuring a secret den crafted from blankets, classic 80’s décor and a table for board games, this is the ultimate children’s pad we all wish we had during our younger years.
An image showing Eleven's bedroom

Image courtesy of moviejawn.com

Can you think of any other iconic bedrooms we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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