Refreshing kids’ bedrooms for the summer hols

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Last Modified 9 October 2023 First Added 2 August 2022

The school holidays are a great time to give your kids’ bedrooms a makeover.

With no term-time routine to work around, it’s the ideal opportunity to clear out the clutter, reorganise their belongings and refresh their space – and you never know, it might even encourage them to keep things tidy.

We’ve put together six top tips for a kids’ bedroom transformation.

Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame


Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

1. Reflect your child’s personality

While it’s tempting to do it all yourself, remember this is your child’s space and for them to feel inspired here, it needs to reflect their personality.

When decorating your child’s bedroom, the best way to embrace aspects of their personality is to get them fully on board and involved.


2. Make the most of storage space

Children’s bedrooms are for much more than sleeping, as kids also need enough space to enjoy themselves and perhaps do homework too.

Separate toys, school and games equipment and store them in different colour-coded boxes so they’re easy to find. Keeping like-with-like will help kids keep their rooms tidy, freeing up more space for other activities.

If you’re tight for space and looking to maximise storage possibilities, why not stack lidded storage boxes to make a bedside table that combines two uses? By lining transparent boxes with coloured sticky-back plastic you can create colour combinations to suit any room. Or choose a kids’ bed with storage. These beds help you to maximise floor space as you won’t need as much big furniture for tidying away knic-knacs.

Anderson Desk High Sleeper With Storage


Anderson Desk High Sleeper With Storage

3. Make the room feel more grown up

Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade to more ‘grown up’ furniture in your child’s bedroom?

Our Anderson high sleeper is more than just a bed, it also doubles up as a desk where your child can do their homework, game with their friends or get creative with their favourite hobbies. There are also cupboards and shelves for extra organisation. This smart design is the perfect bedroom upgrades for children approaching their teenage years – ideal if you’re looking for more age-appropriate furniture.

Alternatively, if your child needs a larger bed, you could opt for a small double bed frame, which will give them more floor space than a double, and see them through their teen years and beyond.

Flowers & Birds Sling Bookcase


Flowers & Birds Sling Bookcase

4. Encourage reading by displaying books face-on

Your children are more likely to choose books with eye-catching, brightly coloured, illustrated front covers – rather than just book spines on show.

This Flowers & Birds bookcase displays books face-on, to encourage your kids to read, while livening up their bedroom. Position it within your child’s easy reach. They’ll also love a snug and inviting ‘reading corner’, which you can easily create with a beanbag, a soft rug and some squishy cushions. Make sure this area is well lit with either overhead lighting or a strategically placed lamp.


5. Create a kids’ chill-out area

If you’ve got pre-teens who love having friends over a lot and like to hang out in their room, this is a winning idea.

Kids love chilling out on a bean bag and they’re a versatile must-have in any kids’ bedroom. You can also put in a small table for drinks, snacks, books or tablets.

Westbrook Metal Bed Frame


Westbrook Metal Bed Frame

6. Create a magical atmosphere with string lights

For a more interesting alternative to a night light, try string lights.

You could inspire your children’s imaginations by using string lights to create shapes on their walls and to light up their reading and playing spaces.

In this ‘night sky’ themed room with the black Westbrook metal bed frame and dark charcoal grey walls, the string lights add a magical twinkle to the space.

You could also use the lights to create moons, stars and outlines of characters, or spell out your child’s name.

Here’s what to do:

  • Sketch out a word on your wall, then trace over it with string lights.
  • Attach the lights (perhaps with self-adhesive hooks or Blu-Tack) and make sure you hide the battery pack behind a group of lights.
  • Another fun tip is that metal lid topped jars make great containers for string lights. You can make it look like a fairy or dozens of fireflies are living inside – pure magic!


We hope this article inspires you to give your kids’ bedrooms a school holiday makeover. Discover more about kids’ beds and mattresses here and explore our fantastic range of kids’ beds.

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