Best kids’ bunk beds for rest and play

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Bunk beds – a kids’ bedroom solution that injects fun and imagination into a space without compromising sleep quality.

Now, we’re not saying we can completely stem the endless flow of toys, clothes or arts and crafts (to name just a few!) that somehow seem to appear when you have a little one. But what we can say for certain is that bunk beds will help with maximising every inch of space in your kid’s bedroom.

It may sound obvious, but bunk beds are a wonderful choice because they do, quite literally, give you two beds in the space of one. Whether you’ve got siblings sharing a room or your child is partial to a sleepover (our condolences for your own night’s sleep), bunk beds mean you don’t have to faff with fold-out or blow-up beds every time you need an extra space to crash.

Join us as we delve into our favourite bunk bed styles, with some helpful tips along the way to help you get the most from your child’s sleep space.


What features do bunk beds have?

When we say the sky’s the limit, we’re not just talking about the height of the bed! Whether you’re looking for your tech-mad teen or siblings who are forever running out of places to put things, bunk beds come equipped with shelves, drawers, desks and even wardrobes (yes, really).

For more kids’ bunk beds with storage, keep reading to discover our favourite models.

Are bunk beds safe for kids?

Yes! Bunk beds are perfectly safe for kids. You can rest assured knowing all Dreams bunk beds have passed a comprehensive safety test, which tests their strength and durability.

There are also extra precautions you can take to ensure your child uses theirs safely. Find out more about this in our comprehensive Bunk Bed Safety Guide.

What age is best for a bunk bed?

Bunk beds are generally best for children between the ages of 4 and 16, but you’ll know your child best and whether they’re ready to make the change. If your child is transitioning from a cot bed into their first ‘grown up’ bed, we recommend trying them in a bed that’s low to the ground first. This means they’ll get a good understanding of how to be safe in and around their bed with minimal risk. After that, you can safely take them to new heights with a bunk bed!

In the interests of safety, make sure children under 6 always sleep on the bottom bunk. Don’t forget to secure the guard rails safely in place on the top bunk when they eventually venture up.

If you’re concerned about a high sleeper but you’d still like some extra storage, try our Playhouse Bed for a low-rise bed that’ll still spark plenty of imagination.

A kids bunk bed with built-in wardrobe and drawers, styled in a white kids room.
Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage


Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage

Our favourite bunk bed styles for your child

Best bunk beds for multifunctional and snug spaces

Feel like you’re constantly fighting against the tide of stuff, gubbins and thingymabobs that magically materialise in your little one’s bedroom? Boy, do we have the bed for you. Our Wren Bunk Bed instantly adds a wardrobe, two spacious drawers and two single beds to your space, all in a stunning neutral design that will suit any colour palette.

Perfect for rectangular shaped rooms, the Wren will help you to cut clutter and safely sleep two little dreamers. Just bear in mind when measuring up, you’ll need 30cm extra space at the end of the bottom bunk to give enough room for safe assembly. You’ll thank us later.

Kids gaming bunk bed with storage drawer, styled in a green gaming-inspired room.
X Rocker Battalion Kids Gaming Bunk Bed with Drawer


X Rocker Battalion Kids Gaming Bunk Bed with Drawer

Best bunk beds for tech-loving teens and tweens

For older kids and screen-obsessed teens, prioritising rest can be an ongoing struggle. What might help them to rest a little easier is a bed that’s as techy as they are. Enter the esports-inspired Battalion Bunk Bed, with streamlined design and eye-catching colours. Comfortably sleeping two junior gamers with the addition of a handy under-bed drawer, the Battalion is a must for any cool gaming den.

If your tech-mad teen needs more desk space to set up consoles or perhaps make time for some homework (we can dream, right?), check out our Anderson High Sleeper with built-in desk and chair. Now, this might not strictly be a bunk bed, but the handy under-bed chair folds out into a single mattress, perfect for sleepovers or family guests.

A kids classic bunk bed in white wood, styled in a white and grey kids room.
Northwood Kids Wooden Bunk Bed


Northwood Kids Wooden Bunk Bed

Best bunk beds for classic design

We get it, bright colours and futuristic styles might not be quite in keeping with your beautifully designed home. For a more classic look that will suit a range of interiors, there’s our stylish Westbrook Bunk Bed in a matte metal finish. Effortlessly modern, this industrial-inspired frame can be customised to suit your layout, with a choice of ladder configurations at either end of the bed.

If you’re decorating a country cottage with a rustic feel, our classic Northwood Bunk Bed is likely to be a better fit for your child’s room. With a timeless panelled design and white wooden finish, the Northwood is durable and stylish for any little sleeper. What’s more, it can be easily configured into two single beds if you ever need a change of layout.

A kids triple bunk bed finished in white wood, styled in a neutral blue kids room.
Northwood Kids Wooden Triple Bunk Bed


Northwood Kids Wooden Triple Bunk Bed

Best bunk beds for sleepover-mad teens and growing families

Now for something a little bit special… if you’ve already fallen for our bestselling Northwood style, the Northwood Triple Bunk Bed is sure to capture your heart. Yes, you read that right – triple! Made up of a cosy single and spacious double bunk, the Northwood’s innovative configuration means you can comfortably sleep siblings of all ages or house guests without the squeeze.

Just like our classic bunk bed design, the single and double beds can be separated when it’s time for a change, giving you and your little ones the best of both worlds.

A kids black metal bunk bed, styled in an earthy green kids room with natural decor.
Westbrook Kids Metal Bunk Bed


Westbrook Kids Metal Bunk Bed

Best mattresses for bunk beds

We always recommend using a mattress that’s no more than 15cm deep on a bunk bed, particularly when it comes to the upper bunk. Any deeper and the guard rails might not be able to do their job properly, which could risk your child’s safety while they sleep. The length and width of the mattress you need will depend on the type of bed frame you’ve chosen.

For a helping hand, check out our range of mattresses made specifically for bunk beds to ensure you’ve got the right size and depth for your little dreamer.

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