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Divan beds consist of a sturdy base covered in fabric and a matching mattress that sits perfectly on top. One of the most appealing reasons for choosing a divan bed is that you get the bed base and mattress all in one, making it an easier process to choose. Here are some other reasons why you might decide to choose a divan bed.

Divan beds in all sizes

Divan beds are often a fantastic sleep solution for those with limited space in their bedrooms. As the base is only as wide as the mattress there’s no extra width or length adding bulk to the bed like with a wooden or upholstered bed frame. So, a double divan bed will only take up as much floor space as if you were to put a double mattress on the floor. Because these beds are so popular they are also available in every size, from small single divan beds right up to super king size divan beds. They are suitable for all bedrooms, from children through to adults and work particularly well in spare rooms.

Storage solutions with divan beds

While divan beds are compact compared to other bed styles, they do have a lot of storage space within the base. Most divan beds have drawers underneath, allowing you to keep spare bedding, towels or shoes neatly away without having to take up wardrobe space.

Some divan beds now have even more storage with ottoman bases that allow you to lift up the mattress completely. The entire space beneath is free for you to store whatever you like. The construction means you’ll still have a perfectly sturdy, supportive and comfortable bed, but also have extra space in your room that would otherwise go unused.

Divan beds with mattresses

Divan beds are here to make your life easier. Choosing a bed frame is hard enough but having to choose a mattress to go with it can double the length of the process. Dreams divan beds come already paired with the perfect mattress, all you have to do is decide which type of mattress you’d prefer.

Available types include traditional spring, pocket spring and ActiGel. Depending on your sleep position, comfort preference and budget, there will be a certain style that’s perfect for you. Take a look at the Dreams Bed & Mattress Guide for more information on choosing a mattress that will support you and give you wonderful sleep every night.

Available with or without a headboard

Depending on how minimal or luxurious you want your room to look, may decide whether you choose to purchase a divan bed with a headboard attached or one without. Beds with headboards act as the focal point for your bedroom and can be a real statement piece to centre your décor around. The selection of divan beds with headboards come in a range of unique styles to suit all different rooms. There are styles with buttoned fabric for a romantic, opulent feel. If you prefer something more modern, the plain, squared edge styles will still act as a focal point without clashing with your room.

Alternatively, divan beds without headboards offer a sleek and minimal silhouette. Or, if you have your own headboard already, you can attach it and complete the look. Click here to see the range of headboards Dreams have to offer.

For more information on divan beds and bed bases, speak to our team by calling 0800 652 5090.