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How Strong are Divan Beds and How Long Do They Last?

Last updated: February 2024

How much weight can a divan bed hold?

Standard divan bases are designed to comfortably support the weight of a mattress and a person weighing between 80-100kg. Double divans will be able to hold a person per side, and reinforced divan beds can support a lot more. As they have solid “platform” tops, divan beds can usually hold more weight than slatted bed frames.

Specific weight limits will vary between manufacturers, so make sure that you get the specifications of the bed frame you are buying. Also remember to consider the type of mattress you have, as some mattresses such as memory foam, are heavier than others.

Do divan beds last longer than metal or wooden slat bed frames?

A typical divan bed will last around 10 years or more, but a high-quality bed frame will last you much longer than one built to lower standards. A divan base is often a good choice for a long-lasting bed because there are fewer joining parts to wear down. Slatted beds can quickly sag or become creaky depending on the quality of the joints, whereas a solid platform is more likely to last longer.

Is a sprung top or solid platform base divan sturdier?

Divan bases come in two styles: a solid top or a sprung top. The platform is a solid top flat base connected to the frame, while a sprung top has a layer of coils or springs between you and the base. Like with mattresses, the sprung top is a great shock absorber that supports your weight and movement, making your bed last longer. More expensive divan beds tend to be sprung top, indicating a higher build quality and sturdier frame.

However, some people feel more supported by the feeling of a platform base as there is less movement. Ultimately, it is up to your own personal preference as well as the quality of the bed.

Signs a divan bed needs replacing

Like mattresses, bed frames also lose their sturdiness as they get older. There are several key signs that a divan needs replacing:

  • Sagging in the middle
  • Creaking
  • More movement than before
  • Waking up stiff or sore in the morning

All of these are signs that your divan bed is no longer as sturdy and supportive as it used to be. Check out these tips on fixing a noisy divan bed. However, a bed frame that is no longer doing its job can affect the longevity of your mattress and your sleep quality, so it may time to consider a new one.

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