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How to Clean A Mattress

Last updated December 2022

How to Clean A Mattress

For peaceful slumber, cuddles, movie nights and family time – it's important your mattress is clean and hygienic. After all, you spend a third of your life resting on your sleep surface, so let's keep it fresh. We're going to run through how to clean your mattress at home with a simple step-by-step guide, just in case you spill your midnight snacks!

How to clean a mattress

Let's get straight into it.

Step 1: Do your research

Before you attempt to wash your mattress, double-check the manufacturer guide that it comes with. There may be some specific care instructions you need to consider. Remember if your mattress is double sided you'll be able to deep clean both sides, but if it is single-sided, you can only clean one side.

Step 2: Collect your equipment

Grab a bucket of soapy lukewarm water, a cloth, and a soft brush. You don't need fancy mattress cleaners and vacuums to do the job. Using soap and water is the easiest way to clean your mattress and remove tough stains, they are just as efficient.

Step 3: Pop your bedding into the wash

Remove your bed linen and put it into your washing machine. Top tip – tumble drying your bedding at a high temperature can help to remove dirt and bacteria.

Every once in a while, we also recommend washing your pillows and duvet for extra cleanliness. Double-check their care label before you do so to make sure they'll withstand the wash.

Step 4: Open your windows

Let some fresh air into your room. This will help get rid of any nasty lingering smells.

Step 5: It's time to deep clean

Using your soft brush, remove any noticeable dust living on your mattress. Whilst you're there, you might as well give your bed frame a little freshen up.

To remove any unwanted stains, gently dab them using your cloth and soapy warm water. Be conscious not to scrub stains, as this can make them permanent. Also, make sure not to get your mattress too wet as this could compromise its strength and structure.

Step 6: Let your mattress dry

We get it – when your bed is spotlessly clean you just want to jump straight in! But before you do so, make sure your mattress and bedding are completely dry.

Step 7: Make your bed

Once you're confident everything is dry, go ahead. Make the bed and enjoy your beauty sleep.

How often do you need to clean a mattress?

We recommend cleaning your mattress roughly twice a year to keep it fresh. Spring and autumn are the ideal time to do it for lasting freshness. It will however need cleaning straight away if you have any spillages of course.

Why you need to clean your mattress?

As you spend a lot of your time here, it collects dirt. Dead skin, sweat, stains, and not to mention dust mites. Over time this all builds up and makes its way to your mattress resulting in not-so-pleasant smells, grime, and bad air quality - everything you don't want in your bedroom! They can lead to allergies, insomnia, and even respiratory problems in more severe cases. Don't worry! Everything we have just mentioned can be avoided by regularly cleaning your mattress. Invest in some ever-so-stylish rubber gloves and get to it. A little bit of love and care can help you get those forty winks.

We're not finished just yet. Think about the lifespan of your mattress – we recommend replacing it every 8 years. Our 2022 Sleep Survey revealed that people have been sleeping on their current mattress for an average of 5.57 years so far. That’s a long time for dirt to build up, which without prevention could reduce the lifespan of your mattress. We don't know about you, but we don’t want to say goodbye to our lovely mattress until we're good and ready.

When you are ready for a new one, make sure to take a peek at our range of mattresses, not forgetting our mattress protectors to keep it fresher for longer.

4 simple mattress care tips

Little changes to your cleaning routine can make a big difference.

1. Squeaky clean sheets

Make sure to regularly wash your bed linen and any mattress protectors – once a week should do the trick. Our recent Sleep Survey revealed that 38% of the nation changes their sheets every week and 32% does it every two weeks which we love to hear.

2. Protect, don't neglect

If you haven’t already got a mattress protector then we highly advise it. It's an affordable way of extending the life of your sleep surface. As the name suggests, they go in between your mattress and your bed linen to protect your mattress from any spills or damage. Some designs are even waterproof and anti-allergy to help sensitive skin – perfect for busy bedrooms with little ones and pets.

3. Rotate 180 degrees

Next up, rotate your mattress. Not only will it help to avoid dirt gathering in one place, but it will also prevent sagging adding some longevity to your mattress. It's easily done too, simply rotate from head to foot. Don't flip it unless your manufacturer recommends it – many mattresses are only one-sided.

4. Keep your bedroom cool

A cooler bedroom will help to create a sanitary environment. Did you know dust mites and germs like warm, humid conditions? That’s right. They thrive in them. Between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius is their ideal temperature and bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpets – they love them all. So, if you can, keep your sleep space chill.