We Ask 5 Interior Designers What is Trendy in Kids’ Bedroom Design

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By Jessica Kadel

Kids’ bedroom design isn’t the easiest of things. You don’t want to spend ages redesigning a bedroom when your little ones are likely to change their minds in a couple of years. To help you create a trendy but also timeless design, we spoke to 5 interior designers to find out the best colours and furniture for your child’s bedroom.

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1. Prioritise storage

Gina Everett, the owner of interior design firm Create Perfect Limited, says:

‘Kids’ ideas, tastes and themes they enjoy can change like the wind, so I try not to get too ‘themey’ with their bed or play rooms. Instead, create a fantastic space with great products that they can enjoy, but that can also grow with them. Storage is a great place to start! Make sure they have enough. There are now beds with unique storage solutions that help make sure they don’t just have somewhere to keep everything, but that it can be kept tidy and in a place that needs to be both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.’

‘This is also important to consider when it comes to colour and pattern. You need to achieve a space that is intriguing and stimulating for your child to encourage learning and investigation, but also somewhere they can get good quality sleep as it’s important for growth. Neutrals, especially white and greige (grey-beige), which is on trend, lend themselves well to this. Then adding pops of colour and interest in exciting accessories really give the space character and personality.’

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2. Don’t be afraid to use black

Emile Azan, Member of the British Institute of Interior Design, says:

‘Who says kids only like pastels? Pattern is where it is for young eyes, and black and greys create a bold scheme as well as giving little ones a head start in the style stakes. Keep the room light by choosing white flooring and woodwork, and add small touches of colour for vibrancy. My top tip for decorating kids’ bedrooms is to maximise storage and to keep things simple, kids change their mind and get bored of a lot of things very quickly, we’ve all been there!’

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3. Opt for neutral

Anna Shiwlall, owner of 27 Diamonds Interior Design, agrees with the use of neutrals in kids’ bedroom design, adding:

‘When choosing a design for a child’s room, consider a design that is timeless no matter the age group. Instead of hot pink or baby blue, opt for a neutral foundation and functionality. By choosing muted colours and using pieces with tons of storage, the room will easily transition as the child’s taste changes. Trundle beds have also become increasingly popular for children’s rooms. They have a look of a normal twin or day bed, but with the ability to accommodate for sleepovers. During the day, the spare bed is tucked away to save space. In the evening, it can be pulled out and everyone can sleep comfortably.’

‘For example, our client wanted a space for her daughter that would grow with her as she transitioned into becoming a young woman. Since space was limited to a twin-size bed, we opted for a trundle bed. By doing so, the client’s daughter has space for her friend to sleep over on the weekend. We chose to incorporate blush pink accents (as opposed to hot pink) and champagne coloured wall paper that will transition well into her teen years and beyond. By accessorising the space with items that speak to her past and her future, she won’t be limited to one specific theme when she goes to add additional items to space in the future.’

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4. Bring the outside in

Adam Watson, head interior designer at Decorelo, states:

‘The big children’s bedroom trend at the moment is to bring the outside in such as a forest, seaside or space theme so that your kids’ imagination can run wild but seem tranquil also. There are some fantastic kids’ beds at the moment such as the Teepee bed, caravan bed and beach hut bed.’ Make sure to check out toddler beds too, as plenty of these have incredible outdoor themes.

5. Try Vintage

Finally, Jett Hovell, who works with Fantastic Handyman on interior design, says:

‘In every person’s life, they have childhood memories they cherish. And why not? It’s probably the best years of a person’s life. Why not bring this to your kid’s life and put a vintage bed in his or her room. You can also go for a matching wardrobe. This brings a kind of a care-free vibe to the room.’

‘This is when you plan your kid’s room for the next ten years ahead. When a kid grows their interests change so often. That’s why instead of renovating the room every two years you can opt in for a timeless design. My suggestion would be to go with muted, pastel colours and bring the colour in with the bed sheets or the curtains. These can be easily changed to make the room feel more mature.’

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What’s your advice for kids’ bedroom design? Let us know in the comments!

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