What Does The Way You Dress Your Bed Say About You?

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Bed-making. It’s a very personal affair. Some people couldn’t dream of leaving the house without a perfectly preened bed display while others couldn’t care less if the duvet was even still on the bed. Whatever point of the scale you find yourself at, we bet we can guess some of your personality traits. Here’s our take on what the way you dress your bed says about you.

Military base

Your sheets are pulled so tight you could bounce a penny off them and they are complete with hospital corners for a pristine finish. Nothing is a millimetre out of place. All bed linen is starched and ironed and there isn’t one throw or scatter cushion in sight.

If this is your bed, you’re probably a bit of a neat freak (though that might be an understatement!). You like to be in control of situations and aren’t one for spontaneity. You’re a creature of habit and like things done efficiently and properly – with absolutely no frills.

Remember that your bed is a place for relaxation, so loosen those sheets and let yourself starfish!

Colour coordinated

Colour coordinated bedding

Your bed most likely resembles a photo in a catalogue. That’s because you bought your matching bedding, sheet, throw, scatter cushions and entire bedroom furniture from the same store. Your bed is made in the best replication of that room set you fell in love with right down to the way the throw is folded.

This bed-maker is not a natural born leader. You probably need a lot of help making decisions and very rarely go with your gut instinct. However, once you commit, you fully commit, meaning you’re extremely trustworthy.

Your bedroom should be an expression of yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment with designs you love.

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Draped and dreamy

A strewn duvet, an artistically flung throw and some luscious, plump pillows at the top of the bed. The bed frame is laced with fairy lights and the room has a cosy but lived-in feel to it. The colour scheme is most likely pastels with hints of metallic sparkles.

If you sleep in a bed like this, you’re a big old romantic who loves nothing more than a cuddly lie in with your significant other. You’re sensitive and aren’t afraid to talk about or show your emotions. You’re a great friend but could be taken advantage of due to your free-spirited nature.

Keep enjoying your bedroom in the way you want to… but try to keep the guest room tidy!

More is more

Luxury bed

It takes a while for you to get into bed due to the sheer number of cushions, throws and pillows piled on top. Your bed looks like it was dressed for royalty and has tonnes of textures to indulge in – velvet, silk, faux fur, Egyptian cotton, the list goes on. Your ideal bed would be a four-poster.

If this is your bed, you’re a serious lover of all things luxury. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a loaf of bread, you’ll only buy the best. You live life to the max and are very outgoing and generous. You love socialising but often turn up late because you lost track of time trying to choose the perfect outfit.

It’s great that you take so much pride in your bedroom, but don’t make the mistake of choosing style over comfort.

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Hidden horrors

At first glance, your bed looks tidy with a throw resting across the top. But what’s that underneath? Either dirty sheets, messy bedding, old socks or worse… no bedding at all! There’s some serious cover-up going on here.

Like your bed, you probably have something to hide or feel like you do. You’re polite and friendly but rarely get into deep conversations. You don’t mind being a loner and quite like your own company. That might be because you don’t trust people very easily.

Sort out that mess underneath the sheet… we bet your bed will feel a lot comfier!

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Did we guess right? Let us know how you make your bed and whether that represents your personality.

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