Simple Ways To Dress A Bed

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By Gemma Curtis

Giving your bedroom a makeover doesn’t have to mean totally re-decorating. It can be as simple as changing the way you dress your bed, adding a pop of colour or decorative ornaments. If you’re wondering how you can dress your bed and transform your bedroom, we’re here to help. We share tips on bedding, cushions and modern bedroom styles.

How to dress your bed hotel style

Pretend you’re on holiday every night with a crisp, clean look. Go for bedding with a border and accessorise with large, square cushions. Place these behind your regular pillows and finish off with a plain throw. This will create an instantly stylish look for your bed. Instagram ready!

Embrace decorative cushions

Clashing cushions make a statement with an eclectic mix of patterns and colours. Keep the duvet and pillows neutral and plain and vary your cushion shapes and sizes. Go bold with bright colours or stick to a mixture of pastel shades for a subtler aesthetic.

Going for a more subtle look for your bedding will still have an impact on your bedroom design without being overwhelming. If you have a smaller room, lighter bedding is best. Dressing a bed with neutral tones will reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space.

Double duvet sets

For a look that’s straight out of a bed showroom, use two duvets. Two-pack bedding works best for this style, as they are designed to complement each other. Fold the top of both quilts over diagonally and layer some scatter cushions at the top of the bed.

Dress a bed with a bolster cushion

A bolster cushion adds an air of regality to any bed. Choose one with tassels on either end and place your cushion in the centre of your bed. This will instantly glamourise your room with a gorgeous bolster cushion taking the centre stage.

If larger bolster cushions aren’t for you, roll the top of your duvet down into a bolster shape and place a throw underneath for added texture. This adds layers without lots of effort.

Pick a theme for your bedding

The easiest way to ensure all your bedding matches is to buy a set including a duvet cover, throw, and scatter cushions. This will create a theme for your bedding. You can even copy how it’s styled from the way it’s presented in store! Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Try to keep the rest of the interior of the room quite plain with neutral tones if your theme is bold and bright, otherwise, this look may be overwhelming.

Create a chic, effortless look

For a room that looks casual and cool, drape a thin, knitted throw across the bottom of the bed and fold one corner of the duvet down at the top.

These are minimal touches that make a huge difference.

Dress a bed with layers

Add some luxury to your life with an opulent layered bed display. Use different textures such as satin, velvet, and faux fur, and layer up throws and cushions.

Throws are particularly good when it comes to dressing a bed. Use as many as you want and layer different materials to create a cosy atmosphere!

Don’t be afraid to play around with your cushion arrangement. If you feel like adding some bling to your bed, think about adding a couple of small embellished cushions for a finishing touch of glam.

Simple Ways to Dress a Bed - Infographic

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