How Important Is Your Bedroom When Selling Your Home?

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Last Modified 31 March 2023 First Added 8 March 2016

By Chris Clark

Selling your home is not all about paperwork. Estate agents and TV property shows always say that presenting your home is the most important aspect to getting your property off the market and into the next lucky owner’s hands. You need to make your home a showroom, rather than the familiar – possibly cluttered – space that you know and love.

But, when it comes to your bedroom, this highly personal space can suggest to potential buyers how you keep and maintain your whole house. We’ve collected ideas from a couple experts in both the interior design business and the property selling business to show exactly how important your bedroom is when selling your home.

Atherton Bed Frame

Estate agent Oliver Gorman from Paramount Properties said:

‘The bedroom should be a calming space, and buyers need to imagine winding down in there after a long day. There’s nothing worse than being greeted by a musty smell or an unmade bed when viewing a property, so clean bed sheets and an open window are essential.

‘Thankfully, bedrooms, unlike kitchens and bathrooms, can be spruced up quickly and on a small budget if you’re thinking of selling your home. A fresh lick of paint can make all the difference to a bedroom, and never underestimate the power of cushions and blankets to make a bedroom feel cosy and lived in.’

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Expert interior designer Nina Campbell shared her thoughts on the matter:Nina Campbell, interior designer

‘When selling your home, the bedroom is a very personal space, and prospective owners need to be able to imagine themselves living there. Creating an inviting environment free from clutter is key; here are some quick and easy instant updates to transform your room.

‘Hiding trinkets and personal items from view and leaving surfaces clear will ensure people will look at the room and not its contents.

‘Create the impression of space and grandeur by using some decorative tricks such as strategically placed mirrors. Placing a mirror across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel larger.

‘Most people might not have the confidence to redecorate a room and can be daunted when faced by lots of colour; keep the bedroom light and airy, adding colour through accessories. Complimentary pops of colour in the form of bedding, armchairs, cushions, throws and accessories can add details that enhance the room’s qualities.

‘Instantly add extra light and depth by removing the curtains from the windows. This makes the room feel less crowded and creates the impression of space.

‘Finally, when it comes to finishing touches, a well-made bed with a cosy throw will create a comfy and inviting look that’ll instantly make viewers feel at home.’


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