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Love Sleep with the UK's most trusted sleep brand - Silentnight
The UK's most trusted sleep brand

the UK's most trusted sleep brand

Handmade in the UK

handmade in the UK

Tried and tested

tried and tested for quality and safety

5 year guarantee

5 year peace of mind guarantee

Introducing our new and exclusive SleepHarmony™ collection

Imagine a mattress that does more than just provide a comfortable place to sleep. The SleepHarmony™ range of mattresses actively work to improve your wellbeing while you sleep, so you feel fully refreshed in the morning.

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SleepHarmony Divan

Better sleep for better days

Say hello to nature's wonder plant.

The SleepHarmony collection has been thoughtfully designed with an Aloe vera infused sleep surface. The active ingredients make it soothing for the skin and offer a naturally soft-touch feel to the mattress.

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Let's explore the collection

Explore the rest of our range, exclusive to Dreams

Cots and kids mattresses

safe nights baby

Keeping your little one comfortable
throughout the night.

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healthy growth kids

From tots to teens, give them the
sleep they need to thrive.

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Why trust Silentnight when it comes to your kids’ sleep?

Designed to ensure your little ones have a safe and comfortable night’s sleep while they grow

Sleep tips

Trouble dropping off? Explore our top sleep tips from our Silentnight Sleep Expert, Hannah Shore. 

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Regular sleep schedule

Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day helps you to get into a regular sleep pattern. That includes weekends too!

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The best sleep environment

To help promote quality sleep, your bedroom should be as cool, quiet and dark as possible. The ideal room temperature is 19°C, as a cool bedroom helps your body temperature drop at night in preparation for sleep.

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Limit screen time

Spending time looking at the screen before going to bed has a negative impact on sleep. Phones and other devices emit a blue light, which simulates daylight and blocks melatonin production.

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Avoid looking at the clock

Clock watching will only make your sleep anxiety worse, so turn your clock the other way, and if you keep your phone next to your bed, place it face down.

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