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The Scandi trend is here to stay. With a reverence for the natural world and focus on clean and clear spaces in soft muted colours, Scandinavian influence continues to evolve. Here’s why we think it’s a great choice for the bedroom.

The simplistic clean lines and clutter-free spaces encourage you to clear your own mind and sleep soundly. The Scandi trend also taps into the Hygge practise – that’s the Danish appreciation of life’s simple pleasures such as warmth, relaxation and comfort. Discover our top tips below on how to create a relaxing Scandinavian style bedroom.


What are Scandinavian colours?

On first thoughts, you may picture Scandi bedrooms to be mainly white, but this look can encompass both light and dark colour palettes – think high contrast.

Our favourite monochrome pairings? Black and white; navy and cream; grey and beige.

You can also consider mood bedroom lighting such as fairy lights, dimmable light bulbs and candles for a cosy Hygge feel, or take things up a notch with modern spotlights, hanging pendant lights, or by letting in plenty of natural sunlight.

Emmerson Upholstered Low Rise Bed Frame


Emmerson Upholstered Low Rise Bed Frame

Natural materials and foliage

The Scandi trend is synonymous with a rustic aesthetic including natural materials like wood, cotton, linen, silk and wool.

Not only are these materials hardwearing and better for your wellbeing, they’re also sustainable in the fact that they last for many years.

If you’re trying to decide between light or dark wood, first assess how much natural light you have in your bedroom. Dark wood can make small bedrooms feel a bit dingy without enough sunlight, whereas light wood generally reflects light better and creates a feeling of spaciousness.

Plants and flowers in your bedroom are a big yes when it comes to Scandi styling. Not only do they provide a natural aesthetic with a pretty pop of green, but some also have health benefits like air purification (snake plants), relaxation properties (jasmine), and the induction of a good night’s sleep (lavender).

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Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame


Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

Pretty patterns and natural textures

The Scandi trend focuses on simplicity, so think small-scale patterns inspired by nature or geometrics.

Creating interest with textured furnishings is also an easy way to incorporate this look into your bedroom. Chunky knit woollen blankets and embroidered cushions, plus wicker baskets and earthenware will add a rustic touch to your sleeping space.


Scandinavian bedroom furniture

Bed frames and bedroom furniture with slim long legs are perfect for injecting some Scandi flair.

Elevated frames mean that light is able to pour underneath for a feeling of spaciousness – just like our Olson bed frame with slim finials and legs. Its low-slung but raised design captures the best of Scandinavian relaxation and restoration.

Grey velvet double bed frame, raised to display the shadow ottoman storage area.

Storage secrets

If you’re looking for storage space that retains the lifted feeling of traditional bed frames, shadow ottomans are a great option. The beautiful Florence is one such example. Pairing dark-stained wood with sumptuous velvet upholstery for an exceptionally cosy finish, the Florence has a discreet fabric pouch hidden under the slats to keep your prized possessions safe.

To create a further feeling of space, aim to keep your furniture minimal to match the Scandi theme. Small double bed frames are a great way to create a feeling of extra space in the room.


The best thing about the Scandinavian design is that it is timeless – nature and cosiness will always be appealing in our bedrooms. Why not add a dose of Hygge to your home?

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