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Why choose Harrison Spinks?

Having been in business for over 170 years, Harrison Spinks are widely known as master bed and mattress makers. A big part of Harrison beds and mattresses is innovation – finding new solutions to age‐old sleep problems. By sourcing the raw materials from their farm in North Yorkshire and handcrafting in their factory in Leeds, they have full control over the production of their products.

The Flaxby collection is exclusive to Dreams and includes everything from divan bases to mattresses. The consistent feature is high‐quality production. For example, all Harrison Spinks mattresses and beds are made with a blend of traditional methods and high‐class technology, ensuring a great night’s sleep for whoever is lucky enough to call a Harrison Spinks bed their own. Aside from the high‐level production, there are also many other features which make Harrison Spinks and Flaxby products a worthy investment. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Why consider a Flaxby Harrison bed for storage?

If you require extra storage space, there are a number of soft close drawer options available within our Flaxby divan bases, so you can tailor your base to be just right for you and your bedroom. These useful storage drawers are made from high quality, ethically sourced wood, and can be upholstered, along with the divan base, in your choice of fabric.

What’s more, all of our Harrison divan bases contain 2000 pocket springs. These are positioned equally across the surface of the timber base and provide additional support and durability to your Flaxby Collection or Harrison Spinks mattress.

Do Harrison Spinks mattresses come with split tension?

If you and your partner prefer different comfort levels, your mattress can be made with a split tension. The DNA pocket springs in the core unit are made with different diameters of wire, creating the perfect levels of comfort and support for both sleepers.

Why choose a Harrison Spinks headboard from the Flaxby collection?

Select one of our hand‐crafted headboards to give the perfect finishing touch to your Flaxby collection bed. With three designs that can be upholstered in your choice of luxurious fabrics, these headboards really enhance the look of your mattress and divan.

Are all Harrison Spinks products natural?

All Harrison Spinks mattresses are made from natural products which are the best at wicking away moisture and controlling body temperature. And it’s not only wool but UK‐grown hemp and flax too. These natural fibres help reduce the impact on the environment by absorbing a good percentage of the C02 gases caused by the production of wool.