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our top mattresses

Mattresses can be key in aiding the user to drift off to sleep quickly; regardless of our preference for soft, medium-firm or firm, we're sure you'll find the mattress to match both your bed and sleeping requirements. To give you a helping hand we have curated a list of our top mattresses based on comfort ratings.

Firm Mattresses

Orchard Sprung Mattresses

With 1000 pocket springs and a hand tufted interior, our Orchard pocket sprung mattress range offers a firm level of support which doesn't compromise on quality or comfort. The individually wrapped springs distribute weight evenly, offering complete support and stopping 'roll together'. A finish of a Belgian damask cover ensures this mattress is a great addition to any bedroom.

  • Pocket spring support

    Pocket spring support

  • Prevents 'roll-together'

    Prevents 'roll-together'

  • Huge range available

    Huge range available

Medium-Firm Mattresses

Insignia Burnham Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our exclusive Burnham pocket spring mattress is an ideal option if you prefer medium firm support combined with a luxurious feel. Containing up to 1,600 pocket springs, our Burnham mattress provides even weight distribution and helps to make your night's sleep more restful with no roll-together.

  • pocket spring

    pocket spring

  • prevents 'roll together'

    prevents 'roll together'

Medium Mattresses

Kendall Pocket Sprung Mattress

An excellent choice from our Signature collection, the Kendall Pocket Sprung Mattress provides medium grade firmness at fantastic value. Each area of your body has catered support via the individually wrapped pocket springs. This mattress also has a deep, cushioned layer of Memory Foam for a luxurious level of comfort, which will help alleviate any aches and support you all night long.

  • Memory foam cushioning

    Memory foam cushioning

  • pocket spring support

    pocket spring support

  • great value

    great value

Medium-Soft Mattresses

Doze Luxe Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our Doze Luxe Mattress combines the support and responsiveness of individual pocket springs, with deluxe memory foam to give you the ultimate good night’s sleep. The memory foam moulds to the shape of your body while you sleep, alleviating pressure points and easing joint pain during the night. While the individual pocket springs provide cushioning and prevent you feeling your partner turn over sleeping.

  • open spring

    open spring

  • Vacuum packed for easy transportation

    Vacuum packed for easy transportation

Soft Mattresses

Ashton Open Spring Mattress

Incredibly soft and plush, our Ashton Open Spring Mattress provides luxurious comfort and exceptional quality at amazing value. A traditionally styled mattress, the open hourglass shaped Bonnell springs guarantee support over the entirety of the bed surface, and the copious layers of soft filling make it incredibly cosy. With a cover of Belgian damask, the Ashton will provide a deep and tranquil sleep in luxurious style.

  • superb support & comfort

    superb support & comfort

  • deep fillings

    deep fillings

  • great value

    great value

Orthopaedic Mattresses

Lambert Pocket Spring Mattress

When aching pressure points are a nightly concern an ordinary mattress won't suffice. Our Lambert Pocket Sprung Mattress provides the necessary support with its 1000 extra firm pocket springs, which help to distribute your weight evenly across the mattress. Generous layers of upholstery provide extra luxurious comfort and the traditional Belgian damask cover presents an elegant finish to any bedroom.

  • superb support & comfort

    superb support & comfort

  • great for back problems

    great for back problems

Memory-Foam Mattresses

TEMPUR CoolTouch Cloud Elite Mattress

With a top comfort layer made from specially developed extra soft material, the TEMPUR Cloud Elite offers instant relaxation and body moulding properties, to give you a great nights sleep. Working in perfect harmony with the lower support layers, once you settle into your most comfortable position your body weight is redistributed reducing pressure whilst you sleep.

  • moulds to your body

    moulds to your body

  • memory foam cushioning

    memory foam cushioning