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Bunk Beds With Stairs

For children that share a room, bunk beds are an ideal solution for saving space and creating a fun environment. At Dreams, we know that safety is key which is why we have created a range of bunk beds with stairs instead of ladders.

3 results

3 results

Renowned for their appeal to children, bunk beds are not only a great way of injecting some fun and creativity into your child’s room but they are also very versatile and functional.

Bunk beds are obviously a great choice if you have two children as they help to significantly reduce the cost of buying two separate beds. Another great benefit of bunk beds is the amount of room they can save you, leaving plenty of floor space for your children to play.

Our bunk beds are available in a large variety of fun and creative designs. This includes how your children access the top bunk. Moving on from simple ladders, we now offer many styles featuring safe stairs or steps. Serving as an interesting design feature, bunk beds with stairs not only ensure your child gets to the top bunk safely, but they will have great fun while doing so.

An additional benefit of this type of design is that many bunk beds with stairs provide additional storage space underneath; allowing you to further maximise the space you have and keep the room more clutter-free. Available in a variety of styles and colours, as well as a huge selection of mattresses, we can help you get the perfect bunk bed for your family and home.

For help choosing the perfect mattress to accompany your bunk bed, use our bed and mattress guide.