6 Things To Do With Your Old Bedding

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Last Modified 29 September 2021 First Added 8 November 2019

By Gemma Curtis

The test of time can take its toll on many things and surprisingly, your bedding can be one of them. If you’ve had your bedding for a few years, you may find it gets old, uncomfortable and lumpy. If this is the case, you’ll probably need to replace it. But what can you do with your old bedding instead of throwing it away? Here are six fun and creative ideas to ensure that you can still squeeze some joy out of your old bedding.

Pet bedding

Your bedding may be too old for you, but your pet will definitely not turn its nose up at it. Use pillows to line your dog or cat beds. They will love having your scent near them when they go to sleep. For bigger dogs, fold an old duvet in half and use that instead. Hamsters will love the wadding from inside pillows and duvets to use in their own beds. If you don’t have a fluffy friend but still want to help a needy animal, donate old bedding to your local animal shelter. You will make a lot of animals and their care-givers very happy!

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a new duvet either! If you want some more advice on which duvet to choose, check out our duvet buying guide first.

Cat in bed

Projector screen

If you don’t have a large, plain wall, hang a sheet over it to use as a huge movie screen. Point a projector at it and you have yourself a home cinema! If you don’t have a projector, why not borrow a friend’s and invite them too? In the summer, hang a sheet between two trees or attach it to your garden fence. You can host your very own outdoor cinema screening when it goes dark.

Sheet projector screen

Draught excluder

Your bedding can also become a solution to when your bedroom gets a little breezy. You can easily make a draught excluder by using a sleeve or trouser leg from some old clothing. This is the perfect shape to go across the bottom of your door. Sew up one end and stuff with sections of bedding. When it is tightly packed, sew up the other end. You can add ribbon, buttons or any decoration you like to tie it in with your décor. All bedding will work effectively, so you can use it making draught excluders for all your doors.

Draught excluder

Rag rug

This one is a fun and creative solution. We love this DIY rag rug tutorial by Grillo Designs. To make the rug, all you need is 3 single bed sheets, an anti-slip rug mat with 1cm grid width and some fabric scissors.


  • Cut the sheets into small pieces of fabric – about 15cm x 3cm.
  • Knot each piece into a hole in the grid until the grid is fully covered
  • Once complete, shake out the rug to fluff up the strands

It’s so simple to make but may be time-consuming. Why not treat it as an ongoing project and complete a section each night? It’s also great for involving the kids as there is no sewing or glue required. You can wash this rug on a 30-degree wash as it is made from bedding.

Rag rug fabric close up

Stuffed toys

We’ve all got old stuffed toys that have seen better days. Give them a makeover by using the wadding from pillows and duvets to re-stuff them. Utilise the buttons on duvet covers if your Teddy has lost its eyes. If you’re feeling extra generous or want a fun activity to do with your children, why not make some new clothes? The toys will look brand new again and have a new lease of life.

Teddy with stuffing pulled out

Tote bag

Last but not least, one for the fashion forward. If you want to channel your inner Von Trapp child, you can make clothing from your old bedding. A super simple solution is a tote bag from an old pillow case. The best thing about this is that all the hard work of making the bag shape is already done! All you need to do is attach two handles to the top using some fabric strands or strong ribbon. If the bag feels a bit too deep, trim it down and sew a simple hem around the top. You can personalise this however you want to by adding decoration or using fabric paint. Make the handles as long or short as you want and keep it in your bag to use when shopping.

Woman holding tote bag

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What have you done with your old bedding? Let us know in the comments!

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