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Bunk Beds With Desks

If space is at a premium, a bunk bed with desk could be the best way to incorporate additional features into your child’s bedroom. Offering both the fun of a high sleeper and the practicality of a workstation, these beds are perfect for children and teenagers alike.

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1 result

Bunk beds come in a variety of styles, including those that feature two beds and also what are known as Highsleepers. Highsleepers consist of one single top bunk and a useful space below. As the leading bed expert in the UK, Dreams has a fantastic selection of Highsleepers bunk beds with desks. The addition of the desk gives this bed the practical element of a built-in workstation and allows them to independently complete schoolwork.

Because of their versatility, bunk beds with desks come with a variety of options, including that of another bed being fitted in the space below. This makes them the perfect solution for fun sleepovers with friends, as well as providing a useful sleeping area during those unexpected times when you suddenly find the need for an extra bed.

We also offer Midsleeper style bunk beds which are slightly lower and include storage units and pull out desks underneath. This option is great for younger children with small rooms as all of the furniture is contained within one area and gives an excellent storage facility, leaving the room less cluttered with more space to play. The option of the pull-out desk means that children can utilise the feature and then neatly store the desk back inside. The lower height of these beds also improves the safety aspect of the bed, leaving you worry free.

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