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40 Night Comfort Guarantee
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Sealy - Mattresses

All our mattresses are engineered around a simple premise: that quality of sleep is every bit as important as quantity of sleep. Mattresses that are made to help you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

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Sealy divan beds

Sealy - Divan Beds

At Sealy, we have a very simple mission: to help all our customers become Deeper Sleepers. That’s why we spend more on research and development than any other mattress brand in the world. Our extensive range will suit your comfort levels, preferences and budget.

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About Sealy

Sealy is the world’s biggest bed brand which means we invest more in thinking about sleep than anyone else. Our aim is to make you a deeper sleeper. If you enjoy deeper sleep, your body is much healthier and more importantly happier.

Sealy are committed to making everyone sleep better, on comfortable, well supported mattresses. We incorporate state-of-the-art bed technology and with innovations like our unique spring systems, as well as using the very latest technical developments from around the globe - we bring the very latest sleeping solutions to our customers here in the UK

About Sealy

Sealy Guarantee



In the unlikely event of a defect in material or workmanship occurring within the guarantee period, Sealy will arrange to repair or replace the item free of charge. The guarantee will continue from the original date of purchase.

The mattress guarantee and warranty will be invalidated if:
a. The mattress is used on an existing sprung divan base.
b. The mattress is used on a slatted base which has slats more than 7.5cm apart.
c. The mattress is used on any type of damaged or unsupportive base.

If a manufacturing defect should occur within the remaining period of warranty, then Sealy will replace the item at a usage charge. The charge will reflect the period of use, the current retail price and the number of years left on the warranty e.g. A charge for a Posturepedic mattress 4 years old is calculated at 40% of the current retail price plus delivery/installation charges.

Products replaced within the warranty period subject to a warranty charge are supplied with a new guarantee.

It is with the retailer that the purchaser’s Contract of Sale exists and, consequently, Sealy cannot enter into any discussions with the purchaser until the retailer has inspected any alleged complaint and judged it justified or otherwise.
On receipt of the retailer’s report, Sealy will take whatever action is necessary under the terms of this warranty.

Warranty applies to purchases made in the United Kingdom and Ireland only.

Sealy reserve the right to refuse service when any defect is due to causes other than faulty materials or workmanship, or if the item is soiled and in an insanitary condition.

When repairing or replacing items under this warranty, Sealy reserve the right to substitute alternative materials, or models, should the original no longer be available and cannot undertake to match itemsnot under complaint, with any substitute fabric used. This warranty does not affect the purchaser’statutory rights.

Any claims under this warranty must be made initially through the retailer from whom the bed/mattress was purchased.

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