Summer is steadily approaching. And although the temperatures in British Summer Time may not amount to much, there’s nothing worse than a hot night while you’re trying to sleep. Because we take it upon ourselves to be in the know when it comes to all things sleep related, we’ve already published guides on staying cool during the night. So, we’ve put it all into one place to help you keep your cool this summer. Here’s the Sleep Matters Club’s ultimate guide to staying cool during those pesky hot nights.

The Benefits of Staying Cool

Flipping over to the cool side of the pillow doesn’t just offer benefits regarding comfort, it can actually help you drift off by sending signals to the brain. According to, a drop in core temperature lets your body know it’s time to drift off.


On top of that, keeping cool is beneficial in terms of weight loss. Research from the National Institutes of Health revealed that healthy men who spent a month sleeping in a cool room increased their brown fat. While it may not sound like a good thing, brown fat actually helps your body burn calories and dispose of excess blood sugar, according to Dr Francesco Celi, chair of Virginia Commonwealth University’s division of endocrinology and metabolism.

If you need more convincing to keep that bedroom window open overnight, cool air has also been suggested to boost immunity. Take Dutch daredevil Wim Hof for example, who is known for climbing Everest in shorts and running a half marathon around the arctic circle. According to the Guardian, Hof claims these techniques can help control the immune system and fight off disease. When his methods were tested by researchers at Radbound University, they found that these techniques made patients able to fight off the flu-like symptoms of their endotoxin injections.

10 Ways to Stay Cool At Night

Fancy giving a cool night a go? Our resource post 10 Easy Ways To Stay Cool At Night will let you into a few tips and tricks. For example, switch your bed sheets to lightweight cotton which is more breathable. Or even put your pillow in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime. Other advised techniques in this post include the obvious solution of investing in an electric fan or taking a cool shower before bed. If you find these solutions still leave you feeling hot and bothered, another measure you can try would be to sleep alone. While snuggling up to your partner can offer comfort, the extra body temperature can cause yours to rise.


16 Ways to Stay Cool When Sleeping [Infographic]

We also created an infographic as a handy guide which can help you keep your cool overnight. Our 16 Ways to Stay Cool When Sleeping offers further advice if you want to step it up a notch. This features two different levels for how severe your lack of sleep may be. Level one offers tips such as placing your bed between both a fan and an open window or wearing loose cotton pyjamas. On top of that, it is advised to swap a fluffy pillow for a firm one which will not retain as much heat.

Washing your hair and leaving it damp before bed will also help your core temperature to remain low. If this doesn’t work, freezing a hot water bottle or trying a cool washcloth will also help you cool down.

ways to stay cool infographic

Tips on level two are a little more daring. Here we advise dunking your feet into a bucket of cold water. Or draping a damp sheet over an open window to add a little moisture to the breeze. Similarly to this, you could try placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan. This will also help to disperse cooler air. If you’ve done all you can to make your bedroom colder, you could try reducing your body temperature by tweaking your diet. Eating smaller meals more frequently reduces the heat produced by metabolism and keeps you a little cooler.

If times get desperate, final solutions include moving your mattress onto the floor. This is because heat rises, so the nearer to the floor you are, the cooler you will be. Last but not least, upgrading your mattress to one with a natural filling, for example, our Flaxby range could be your solution to achieved a cool night.

What are your favourite ways of staying cool overnight? Let us know in the comments!