At Dreams we’ve utilised the latest in memory foam technology to create our own exclusive range of luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattresses. Comprising of two high quality collections offering a price and style to suit everybody, Therapur’s blissful night time sleep therapy can be enjoyed by everyone!

Our memory foam memory foam technology provides the best support for all muscle groups and is even popular with some of the UK’s top athletes, who are already reaping the rewards of a fantastic night’s sleep. Therapur divans and mattresses are perfect for people who experience discomfort and interrupted sleep, or who are simply seeking a more comfortable sleep experience. Within the Therapur range there are two collections of mattresses, Creation, for those who like a firmer mattress and Heavenly, for those who prefer a softer feel. Both collections comprise of a choice of three mattress types. These mattresses are designed to relieve pressure on core areas of your body by contouring to fit your unique body shape whatever position you sleep in.