After the love and heartbreak songs, singing about sleep is a particular favourite for musicians, below we’ve picked apart why these singers were unable to get some decent shut-eye.

Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

Don’t want to close my eyes / I don’t want to fall asleep

‘Cause I’d miss you baby / And I don’t want to miss a thing

While Aerosmith were arguably one of America’s greatest hard rock bands of the time, they give terrible sleep advice. The song is allegedly about treasuring every moment spent with a loved one, but this would be impossible to do without first, and regularly thereafter, falling asleep and staying asleep for 7-9 hours, presuming you’re an adult.

Image of couple arguing in kitchen

A study by Ohio University in May 2017 found that couples who slept less than seven hours a night were more likely to argue in a hostile, negative way. If you followed in Steve’s footsteps, you may be too busy arguing about who did the washing up last to treasure your time together. Admittedly, Steven Tyler wouldn’t have had access to this study in ’98 but nevertheless, we do not recommend him as a sleep expert.

I Need Some Sleep – Eels

I Need Some Sleep featured on the compilation album Meet The Eels: Essential Eels, Vol. 1, released in 2008. From the lyrics in the song it’s clear that the singer is suffering from a recent breakup and is struggling to sleep because of it.

I need you / I need some sleep / It can’t go on like this / I tried counting sheep

But there’s one I always miss / Everyone says I’m getting down too low

Everyone says you just gotta let it go.

Image of Eels artwork

Image courtesy of Eels

Thankfully, this is some good sleep advice from The Eels, who are right to have determined that they need to sleep. Sleep is restorative both physically and mentally, so if you’re suffering from heartbreak then you may find sleep is the best medicine for your ills. According to a study into divorced couples both before and after divorce, it was discovered that those that managed to achieve deep sleep were more likely to be faring better emotionally.

So, if you’re pining for a lost love then take a leaf out of the Eel’s book and start counting those sheep.

Insomnia – Faithless

Insomnia is one of the most successful songs by the band Faithless, becoming a major hit in the dance charts:

But there’s no release, no peace / I toss and turn without cease

Like a curse, open my eyes and rise like yeast . . .

This insomniac, take an original tack / Keep the beast in my nature under ceaseless attack.

Image of cover art for Insomnia song

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you become such a slave to your insomnia that you make working during your wakeful hours a regular occurrence, as Maxi Jazz does. However, if you are struggling with sleeplessness in the night then getting up and doing something is quite good sleep advice, but just make sure it isn’t as stimulating as writing song lyrics. Instead stick to reading an easy book away from your bed, rather than doing anything too mentally challenging.

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I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Bon Jovi

Until I’m six feet under / Baby I don’t need a bed

Gonna live while i’m alive / I’ll sleep when i’m dead

Bon Jovi is the last person we would recommend anyone turn to if they were looking for sleep advice. Not only does he believe he can exist without sleep, but he also doesn’t think he should have a bed! Unfortunately for Bon Jovi, you can’t sleep when you’re dead and you’ll be dead much sooner if you don’t sleep. And no cosy lie-in’s at the weekend in a nice, comfy bed? We’ll pass on your advice Bon Jovi.

Are there any songs about sleep that have struck a chord with you in the past? Let us know which ones they were in the comments section!