Which mattress size is best for you? What is the difference between a queen and a king or between a small single and a single? Since Dreams are in the business of providing customers with comfort in many different sizes, we thought we’d show you the variety of mattresses size available.
Mattresses have undergone a colourful evolution over thousands of years. From humble beginnings where they were simply leaves piled in the corner of a cave, to feather-filled bags of silk and velour in medieval castles, to the multi-layered monuments of comfort that we know and love today, mattresses can fit any room and any person.
Below you will find a guide and to scale comparison of every mattress size as found in our Bed and Mattress Guide.

Toddler Mattress Size

Toddler mattress size
W 77cm x L 142cm (2’6” x 4’8”)

For children aged between one and three who are ready for the big move out of their cots, a Toddler sized mattress is the perfect size. As long as you make sure the mattress fits perfectly on your child’s bed, and that you remember to turn the mattress regularly to reduce wear and tear, then your child will have the perfect transition into the world of proper beds.

Best for: Toddlers

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2’6 Small Single Mattress

Small single mattress size

W 77cm x L 192cm (2’6” x 6’4”)

The Small Single mattress is perfect for narrow bed frames of children’s beds and for guest beds. It’s a great size if you are a bit stuck for space and need to save where you can. Given it’s lighter nature, it’s great for guest rooms and can be moved easily if needed.

Best for: Young children

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3’0 Single

Single mattress size

W 92cm x L 192cm (3ft x 6’4”)

Whether you sleep alone or are a looking for a mattress size that is a perfect long term option for children long into their teenage years, then the Single size is the one for you. Single sized mattresses will also be an excellent choice for larger rooms and guest bedrooms.

Best for: 1 person

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4’0 Small Double

Small double mattress size

W 122cm x L 192cm (4ft x 6’4”)

Small Double mattresses are better suited for one person but can be bought for two average sized adults who don’t mind sleeping close to each other. A Small Double is also a good choice for couples whose bedroom isn’t particularly wide.

Best for: 1 person

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4’6 Double

Double mattress size

W 137cm x L 192cm (4’6” x 6’4”)

A Double mattress is perfect for couples because this size allows for a decent amount of room so each person can get a great night’s sleep. At Dreams you will find a huge range of Double mattresses with a vast variety of materials and fillings.

Best for: 2 people

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5’0 King

King mattress size

W 152cm x L 202cm (5ft x 6’8”)

A King sized mattress is great if you like plenty of sleeping room; a King size mattress will mean you’ll be able to turn and move positions without disturbing your partner. If you or your partner are 190cm or taller we recommend a King. This mattress is referred to as a ‘Queen’ in the US and as a ‘Wide Double’ in Japan.

Best for: 2 people

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6’0 Super King

Super king mattress size

W 182cm x L 202cm (6ft x 6’8”)

For the ultimate sleeping comfort – the Super King mattress will give you an unbeatable amount of space for you and your partner. If your family all like to squeeze in together on Sunday mornings or if you are just someone who values a lot of space, the Super King is the one for you.

Best for: 2 persons

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