Now that we’re nearing the new year, it’s time to reflect on everything we did well in 2017. From infographics to interesting articles, we covered sleep problems, decoration dilemmas and everything in between. But which ones struck a chord with you the most? Here are the most popular 10 Sleep Matters Club posts of 2017.

What Causes Jerking and Twitching in Sleep?

This article looked at the medical reasons behind sudden movements during sleep. With an explanation as to why we sometimes twitch ourselves awake suddenly, the article proved a big hit and was the most viewed post published in 2017.

woman reading book in bed

What Does Reading Before Bed Do To An Adult’s Brain?

Wondering whether you should ditch the bedtime TV for a good old-fashioned book? It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that books stimulate your mind in certain ways. Take a look at this article to see exactly what it could do to your brain; hint, they’re all good side effects!

What Are The Most Common Causes For Tiredness?

From illness and poor sleep quality to lifestyle choices, we delved into the reasons behind tiredness. Despite some of them seeming obvious, you’ll be surprised at the minor changes you can make that will have a significant impact. Read all about them in this post.

Pillow Dribble: Why Do You Sleep With Your Mouth Open?

Not the nicest of subjects to talk about, but it appears our readers were very interested in their dribbling habits! Taking you through the causes of dribbling and how you can stop it happening, the article is ideal for those who want to preserve their pillows.

Baby with dribble

5 Bedroom Plants To Help You Sleep Better

If you didn’t already know, plants are great at cleaning the air around us. This makes them the perfect addition to a bedroom. If you’re thinking of adding one to your own space, this article explains the benefits of 5 plants that are suitable.

9 Sleeping Positions & What They Say About You

As the name suggests, this infographic takes your preferred sleeping position and reveals something about your personality. Are you a starfish or a soldier? Find out what that says about you here.

Can You Stop Being A Light Sleeper?

If you’re one of those people who gets woken up at the slightest sound or movement, this one is definitely for you. Luckily, we’ve delved into what makes people light sleepers and ways to improve your sleep if you are one. As the 7th most popular 2017 article, it seems you’re not alone!

Woman struggling to sleep

10 Sleep Relaxation Techniques You May Not Have Heard Of

If you’re sick of your usual tried and tested techniques of getting yourself to sleep, this infographic may have a solution you’ve not yet thought of. From humming to journaling, there’s a weird and wonderful answer for everyone.

Best Social – Sleep Perspective: Sleeping in a Conflict Zone

We couldn’t write a list of our most popular posts without including the most shared article of 2017. Taking this title is our expert post by ex-marine and star of Channel 4’s ‘SAS : Who Dares Wins’, Ant Middleton. In it he talks about his sleep experiences in conflict zones during his time in the military. A super interesting read!

B&M Most Popular – The Mattress Size Guide

Finally, we head to the Bed and Mattress Guide to find its most popular post. The Mattress Size Guide is a useful tool for figuring out your ideal mattress, with dimensions, illustrations and a tool to compare sizes. Make sure to check it out if you’re planning on upgrading your mattress any time soon.

So there we have it – the most popular posts of 2017. What was your favourite one? Let us know in the comments!